Your Star is Rising


How do you know when your star is rising, life is getting better, turning around? Most of the time what you see around you looks the same, nothing much changes in your daily life. The same problems seem to exist, the same tasks need to be done, the same people are around you.

You feel it!

You know when your star is rising because you feel different. What used to seem like an important problem, is now more of an annoyance, or no longer holds any of your focus. Catastrophes are dealt with and stress is less likely to take hold. You smile more, you feel satisfied, you feel that tickle of excitement but don’t know why!

But what if, you never feel any of these things? What if you feel like your star is sinking? What if you have given up hope of ever finding your star?

Here is something to try.

Sit or lie down and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and relax. Now think of a time in your life when something happened to you that made you really happy, overjoyed! Or a time when you felt those wonderful butterflies of excitement n your stomach because you knew something good was going to happen. Spend some time remembering and let yourself FEEL that feeling now.

Now, while keeping that feeling, visualise a bright golden, sparkling yellow, gold or white star in front of you. Just look at it, get the image there, in your mind. See how beautiful it is!

Now reach out your hands and take hold of your star, gradually bringing it forwards until you are hugging it. Hug it tightly, feeling that happiness and excitement at the same time. Feel the warmth too as the star melts into you. Feel its glow penetrating your whole body, along with that wonderful feeling of happiness.

You can stay with this for as long as you want.

When you are ready open your eyes and say out loud with as much power and energy as you can,

‘OH yes! My star is rising!’

Then go about your day!

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