You are Not Alone

Do you feel like you are an Island, all alone in the midst of a seething Sea? Do you feel that no one understands, that no one can help that you are in need of rescue?

Do you believe that your thoughts are your own? Are you locked in to your own inner discourse, which for some is an inner chamber of pain and torture?

This is not truth.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE with your thoughts in the grander scheme of things. In fact your thoughts are vibrations that take form around you and shape your way of perceiving the world. They merge with the collective consciousness and shape it in their own image of how the world should be. Hence the reason everyone wants you to think positive!

The trouble is you cannot do this when you are living in the world you created through these thoughts, these vibrations that take form around you. You become stuck. And perhaps that is where the saying comes from. You feel that you are on an island that you cannot escape from, surrounded by an unbreachable sea. All you can do is wait to be saved.

Remember the story of Moses parting the sea? Perhaps there is something to think about there, as you sit on your Island waiting for rescue. You see, rescue will never come. The thought of needing rescue is a reaction to your state of mind. Moses had the strength of mind to realise that no sea is unbreachable. It was just a matter of re thinking and then taking action.

Even in the worst extremes of circumstance there is always a way out. You CAN change your thoughts, and if you do this and feel your emotions crying out to ‘look at reality’, or to feel the guilt or shame or irresponsibility or fear of your positive thoughts, know this. Those emotions are ONLY ENERGY. They are following the vibration you are stuck in. They will very quickly turn and feel strong, happy, proactive, if you can just keep bringing your thoughts back on to the positive track. It is a retraining with you as the teacher of yourself.

And also know this. You really have all the help you need from your Angels, guides and teachers. You are NOT an Island. You CAN change things for the better. Ask for help, keep asking for help, but do it this way. Ask to be shown the positive in each situation. Ask to feel love in your heart. Ask to feel gratitude for all that is good in your life. Ask to be shown how to improve things and what action to take. Do this instead of asking for what you THINK you want, like a certain person to return, or money to appear, or a job to materialise. You can ask for these once you have raised your vibration back into the positive spectrum and begun to see that there really is no sea, no you against the world, no victim, no Island at all.

You are loved as you are. You are part of me and I am part of you. WE are all connected on each and every level. Know this in your heart and begin to change your reality!

Kirsten Ivatts

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