You Against The World

You Against The World

Feeling lonely? Feeling like no matter how many good friends you can confide in, it’s still you against the world?

In one way you are right. Only you can improve your world. Only you can find a way through any perceived problems. They are, after all, designed specifically for you, as a learning platform.

Yet in another way you are wrong. You are a team effort. There is the you in the mirror, the human being on the physical plane, and then there is you, the Soul. There is your Higher Self, your Guides, Masters, teachers and loved ones. There are Angels, Goddesses, Gods. All of them are your team. They all want you to succeed and it is their mission to help you to do just that!

So when you feel lonely, like no one understands, feeling like no one can ever help you, remember that there are many sharing your pain, your anguish and your loneliness. There are many prodding you with little messages of guidance and support. All you need do to hear is to place both hands over your heart centre, shut your eyes, and breathe, let the stress fall away and then feel that prickle of intuition, that enfolding of subtle wings around you, that warmth, that love. And know it will all be OK.

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