Working with Your Aspects

Working with Your Aspects

Starseed Andromeda


I have been doing a lot of work with the different Aspects of myself over the last year, and in the process building up knowledge that I will soon be sharing as a course. This new website is built around the main Aspects that create who I am.


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These are the Teacher, The Healer, The Oracle, The Artist, The Writer. It occurred to me today that apart from my Oracle aspect I had never asked to meet any of the others. The Oracle is called Matilda, and she looks like a typical fortune teller, although she is nothing of the sort! Meeting an Aspect is like creating a character in a book, but instead you allow the Energy Mind to show it to you, in whatever way it feels is correct for your own evolution and also acceptance of the character. Having a name means you can ask this Aspect to take the reins when you need its extra special qualities.


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Today I asked to meet the Healer Aspect as I always struggle with that word, and I feel that what I mean by healer is very different to what the majority mean. I wanted to find out, really, whether she really was a healer or if she was something else. My problem with ‘healing’ is that people think that they can just hand themselves over to another to get better, much like they would with a doctor. Responsibility for health is given to the healer/doctor and not taken on by the individual. My version of healing is a guiding to and unblocking of energy that needs to be free flowing in order for the person to heal themselves.

My healer Aspect is a Navajo Medicine Woman. I found her by a fire, at night, with a basket of herbs. I have met her before, a few years ago, with the help of a psychic friend. I couldn’t remember her name, and so asked her what name I could use. Her name is Azula. I told her I was struggling with this healer notion and as I spoke I could feel a block in my chest, a tightening. She pointed at it and smiled.

‘You are a great healer. You just block my help.’

I told her how I felt about healing. She replied that my form of healing was to unblock the circuitry in a person so that the healing could happen. Of course this is what I KNOW I do, I just don’t like that word healer and the responsibility it entails. She asked me to call her in. I hesitate, because I don’t know if I am ready. But she laughs telling me there is much healing to be done in myself, and she can be the catalyst for this. My own healing circuitry needed unblocking. So I took the plunge, asked her to step in, and felt the shift I feel when I do this. I have left her to get on with it for now!

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Next a asked to meet the Teacher Aspect. Wow…she had me awestruck!! I began by seeing the bottom of a blue (always the same blue!) dress, fanned out like the roots of a tree. My eyes followed her body upwards, and she was very much tree trunk shaped, tall, thin, and afeeling of rootedness. Her head though shifted constantly between the head of a lioness and the head of a lion faced women. Her hair was long and golden. She smiled and sat down i front of me so that I didn’t have to strain to see her. I wasn’t sure what to say.

‘You are amazing!’ I whispered, entranced.

‘I am you.’ she smiled and I felt those words like a shock running through me.

Eventually I asked her name. She gave me Praccia with the PR sounding like a purr.

‘I still can’t believe you are an aspect of me.’

‘We are One’ she states still smiling. ‘We have always been one.’

As we sit there I start getting ideas flowing about the aspects course. I have to leave her to write it down, or rather leave the vision of her. Meeting her explains a lot. It explains why when I use her skill set I feel very tall. It also explains many star seed connection over the years, plus a strong connection with Sekhmet.

I still have the Artist and writer to meet! I will share with you when I have!


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  1. Amazing! I just finished writing my blog post today and this comes across my news feed from you. There are signs all around us from our guides if we just open our eyes to see them. Your post is exactly what I needed Kirsten and I Thank You! I can’t wait for you to write more….Debz

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