Wild Woman, Wild Man – Where is your Wildness Hidden?

wild woman


Where is your wildness hidden?

Is it buried beneath a confused mess of world views?

Do you allow it the time of day, the LIGHT of day?

Whether you are female, or male you have within you a wild self who desperately needs to be uncaged.

This wild self is the one who wants to connect with nature, bathe in her energy, and bring her to the surface in your life.

This wild self is passionate and could, if you let her, explode with this passion, becoming a fireball of energy that would consume all the lies, layers, and destructive opinions that have become the clothing of a modern human.

She can lift you into ecstasy, or drop you coldly in the mud, drenched in icy rain, to retrieve your senses, snatching them up one by one and putting yourself back together in a whole new way.

She is creativity, she is a change maker, and this wild self is pretty angry right now.

In both women and men this wild self is the Feminine, that part of us all that history has trodden on, beaten from us, and made us disclaim so that we can fit into a world that I can only liken to a petulant little boys game.

Well its time this little boy grew up into the mature masculine, and allowed his sister to bring the mature feminine into the game, each participating equally. And then he would find that there was much in what she wanted that made sense to him, that benefited him, that could lift them both so much higher than that little boy ever could dream of. If he doesn’t allow this a fight, that is already brewing, will escalate to the point where neither side will be sane enough to know what they want anymore.

Women are rising. It is like an internal tidal wave within us, pushing us into frustration, that in turn helps us break through the barriers within ourselves so that we can change how we are in the world.



Men are feeling this same surge of the Feminine too. I can see it in so many. They don’t understand it. But they feel the frustration, confusion, the limitations of their life. Their emotions are surfacing, but they are not equipped to deal with them. Please men, stop fighting. It will only cause you more pain. The only way out is to allow the Feminine in you to merge, integrate and strengthen you. To acknowledge your fears, your emotions, and to communicate them to others who can help.

And women, recognise that it is not only us that have this tidal wave building up inside us. Do not become angry with the men around you. They are as much a product of thousands of years of patriarchal history as we are. We mustn’t decide that we have to do this alone. That will cause more unbalance.

The way forward is a balance between male and female energies, combined, learning from each other, supporting each other, and growing together into a wiser and more mature version of each gender.

This is evolution. This is the next step.


Note: When searching for images of men exhibiting their Feminine wildness I could find nothing to really portray this. All images are of warriors or men clasping women to them in a sexual embrace. Heroes, or lovers. Men….you are all and everything. And you are allowed to be who you are. Women do not need heroes, they need help to bring the heroine to the surface so they can save themselves. You need help to see what women see in you, which is probably far more than you realise is there. We can help each other break through the barriers and limitations of history. But both sides have to first understand what is happening on the internal plains.

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