Why do we need Relationships?

Why do humans need relationships? It really is very simple. If you walked through life, never having a relationship, how would you learn and grow? Relationships are teaching processes. But they are also an acknowledgement that we are real, we really do exist. It is only in relating ourselves to other things that we are here at all. Other things give us reference points for where we are, who we are and why we are. We need relationships to survive!

But there is one relationship that goes untended, the one that most lightworkers and energy workers keep banging on about! The relationship with self. There is a reason why we keep talking about it. We all get to a stage in our lives where we seem to hit a ceiling. We get frustrated as we cannot grow any further, we cannot solve problems that keep occurring we can no longer create relationships that give us anything other than we have had before. It is at this stage that we need to create a full and authentic relationship with ourselves as this is the only way to get past that ceiling and create a threshold shift that moves us into the next growth stage in our lives and brings new and exciting events, opportunities and wisdom.

The trouble is that we may know this is what we have to do, but how do we do it? It really is a daunting prospect for so many and of course it takes time, which many of us refuse to give to ourselves. Here is something to try, that will hopefully create a starting point for your new relationship with you.

Imagine you are somewhere that is totally white. This can be a white room, but even better is just a white space with no floor, walls or ceiling. You are floating in this space and there is nothing else. You can look down and see parts of yourself, you can feel the parts of you that you cannot see with your hands. Go ahead and do that. Feel your skin, your face, your hair, any part of you that you cannot see, as well as the parts you can. This is you on the outside, and no one else knows this you like you do.
Now I want you to feel who you are on the inside. Here is what to do. Relax into your white space, floating. Now as you breath in feel your breath as a cool, but pleasant breeze. Let this breath go up through your nose and down the back of your throat and down into your chest. feel it swirling through your lungs, around your heart and filling your rib cage. Now let this breath slowly escape.

With the next breath do the same but this time let the cool breeze go straight down the centre of your chest into your stomach cavity. Allow it to fill your stomach, before letting it slowly escape.

On the next breath let the cool breeze run along your shoulders and down your arms until you feel it in the palm of your hands. Then let it slowly release.

On the next breath feel the breeze shoot down your centre and through each leg to the soles of your feet. Feel it swirling around before allowing it to release.

You now know yourself a little bit better. Are you beginning to experience the wonder that is you yet? Of course there is still a long way to go and everyone’s journey into better relationship with them self is different. If you need more help or more guidance just ask!



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