What’s Your Story?

The Aboriginal Dreamtime is an individual or group’s spiritual template, including songs and stories handed down for at least 60,000 years. Every single thing has its own creation story, its own creation song, everything is a storied being, animate or inanimate. You too are a storied being, we are all storied beings. So what’s is your story?

It is a useful thing to sit down with paper and pen and write your story. Start by drawing a line across across a piece of paper and creating a timeline from when you were born to where you are now. You can make it quite indepth and spend days adding bits as they occur to you. If you do it on a computer you can but bits in bold that you loved and bits in italics that you didn’t like. You can find the bits you would like to change or release.

Then you can write up all these snippets as a story, as creatively as you like. And why not recreate your story. Take those bits you want to change to one side and re write them so that they become good, or awesome!  Add them back into your story and make it part of you.Then sit back and notice how you feel!

This is a great exercise that can be as imaginative as you want to make it!


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