What the Hell is this Tapping Thing?

What the Hell is this Tapping Thing?


More and more Tapping or EFT (emotional Freedom Technique) is springing up in the media, with reports on curing phobias, reducing stress and anxiety and helping with PTSD.


I have been an Energy EFT Master Practitioner for the past 4 years and have used tapping successfully with people and myself.

But what is it?

And how does it work?


When using EFT we tap on a series of points that lie on Meridians, which are channels of energy that run through the body, or more correctly the Energy Body. The points we use are at either end of a meridian. Tapping on these points vibrates the energy in the meridian and dislodges blocks creating energy flow.

Sounds simple, and it is. But the other important factor in EFT is speaking out loud about the problem. This engages the neural pathways and basically reprogrammes the brain to think differently.


So the tapping reprogrammes the emotions and creates energy flow and the speaking reprogrammes the brain.

Energy EFT is the most modern version I have come across and it takes EFT to a new level. The way the points are tapped and the way we speak are slightly different, but the real evolution is the SUE scale.EFT Protocol

In classic EFT there is something called the SUD scale, often used in psychiatry, that measures how happy or stressed someone is. The SUD scale goes from -10 to 0. 0 is the point where the problem has gone. In energy body terms the block has been removed.

In Energy EFT we use the SUE scale which goes from -10 to +10. This was developed by Silvia Hartmann, one of the first practitioners of EFT in the world. What Silvia discovered has transformed EFT.

SUE Scale Subjective Units Of Experience Diagram
The SUE Scale

Removing the block isn’t enough. There is a ‘next step’ which is to create energy flow again in that meridian. Think of it this way. If you have a hosepipe with a kink in it the water doesn’t come through. When you remove the kink the shape is still there and the water trickles through. This is 0 on the scale. What we need is the gushing water, or the energy flow to be fully ON, to actually bring about a healing event which happens at +10, a place classic EFT rarely gets to.

A healing event is a rare thing indeed in many types of holistic therapy, and you have to have one to realise how powerful it can be!

As we tap ourselves up the SUE scale by using positive phrases about how we would like to feel, the energy in the meridians gets more and more powerful. At around +7 upwards the neural pathways in the brain seem to completely re adjust and people have an AHA moment! They understand something about the original issue, or what was behind it at a completely new level. This has a corresponding effect in the energy and physical body and can be felt as a feeling rather like ecstasy or deep, deep love.

When this happens to you you really can’t sit still. You have to be moving around, dancing, singing, often laughing uncontrollably (in a good way!!), and also, quite often, with tears of joy running down your face! It is amazing to feel and amazing to witness as a practitioner. It also guarantees that you never become depleted by clients, as your own energy builds up with theirs.

I am writing this article because I don’t think people appreciate how much Energy EFT, a very simple tool to learn, can benefit their lives, and those of their families and friends. It is fantastic for anything that is emotion based, which includes a lot of physical problems, and is an amazing self help tool.

And if you are on a personal spiritual quest I highly recommend learning EEFT. You can tap as you ask questions of guides, Angels and your Higher Self, as you access the Akash, or as you do yourself an Oracle card reading. And you will find that the answers you seek will soon start to flow because the tapping is removing any blocks you have to receiving them!

If you are a writer you can tap for ideas, for inspiration, tap as you write.

If you are a creative of any type, artist, musician, crafter, etc Tapping is a wonderful tool.

If you are in business….it is a MUST! So many people have blocks around business and marketing and especially money.

In fact I just might write a course on all of the above!

EEFT is just one of the Energy tools I use. Please, to use it effectively, learn how with someone rather than just watching a YouTube video. Your results, then, won’t be so hit and miss.

Look out for the next article where I will explain about using pure energy to create magical results!

If you would like to learn EEFT for yourself please visit my courses page.

If you feel you would like a session with me please book here.

I hope that opens some eyes, to what I do, and helps people to see the benefits that this technique can bring. And the more creative you are with it, the more you can achieve!!

Kirsten Ivatts – ENERGIST.

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