What the Hell is Energy Magic Anyway?

What the Hell is Energy Magic Anyway?

By Rassouli


The word magic brings up all sorts of resistance and reversals in people. Some are suspicious, some are fearful, some ridicule and some think it is pure fantasy, rather than a real and actual force of nature.

I recently went into partnership with Silvia Hartmann,Silvia Hartmann 2014

on her Magic Spells and Potions website, taking over the spell casting. The product now links to my website, making the magical being in me very happy to see the words Energy Magic in her shop.


And it got me thinking that many people are in need or educating around the word magic, and indeed Energy magic.

What the hell is it? And why has a seemingly sane woman (was I ever that?) started selling Magic on her website?

Within the natural world there is a primal energy force. It is what people sense when they are out in nature, that uplifting energy that makes people feel better. But what we sense as humans only scratches the surface. This energy is as ancient as the Earth, and it stems from an energy that is as ancient as the Universe itself.

Super nova

I have always had a strong connection, energetically, to nature and I am very open to this energy. I understand it, beyond anything my logical mind can understand. This understanding is intuitive and instinctual and only comes, I think, from spending time outdoors and merging your own energy into this natural flow, along with a predisposition, perhaps through past life experience (who knows!) to deep knowing.

Water Energy www.ThroughGaiaseyes.com


Magic is created using this primal, natural force of nature. The caster of any spell is a conduit for this energy. The only difference between Energy Magic and Magic is that Energy Magic is created by an Energist, one who understands (to as great a degree as a human CAN understand) Energy and how it works. As an Energist I don’t have a cauldron that I drop spider webs and frogs legs into, there is no ‘Hubble, Bubble Toil and Trouble’ at all!

I am like a bow that can stretch and contract with this energy without breaking. I know how to allow this energy to build up within me, while holding an intention (the essence of the spell), to a point where the magic explodes forth, an energetic arrow, to the place where it is needed.

Like any other energy work, Energy Magic creates Even Flow, unblocking, unsticking, and basically bringing energy back to a place where it was missing.

Once the arrow is gone, I forget and let go of the spell. It is no longer my concern. I have sent it on its way with the force of love at its back and I trust and KNOW it will do what is needed for all concerned. I let nature take its course and do not interfere with something I, as a human being, cannot possibly know. So I do not limit the energy, I allow it to …. Well to create its own MAGIC!

Magic is probably the purest, the most basic, and the oldest form of energy work there is. It is only our history that has pushed it to the sides of society, to the edges, but it dwells in everything. I do not have to practice witchcraft to do Energy Magic. I am just me.

I have a power within me that is both Divine, and feminine. This power allows me to merge, draw upon, and contain for a few moments an ancient force and then propel it in the direction where someone needs help.

And then I let miracles happen, in their own way, in their own time and involving the right people.

I am not special, or different I just AM.

I hope I have allayed some fears, given pause for thought, or even inspired some of you to delve deeper into your own magical self instead of leaving her/him sitting on the side-lines.

If you have questions then please ask! If you are wondering if a spell can do the trick in an area of your life that you cannot seem to sort out on your own, give it a try!

You can order Energy Magic here.  eNERGY mAGIC

The world is changing all around us, as it has changed many times before. But that primal force that creates magic has and will always be there, and there will always be people like me, like Silvia, and many others out there, who understand this power enough to know how to embrace its uses and help others, through a deep love for fellow woman and man kind.

Please don’t be afraid of magic. There is a magical aspect within us all, one who has always been there, and who knows that all you are reading here is true. Let that aspect speak. Let her or him experience the world again. You won’t regret it.


Kirsten Ivatts.


I can help you find your magical self, bring her or him forward. You never know, perhaps that is all that you need to start living your charmed life, the one that keeps eluding you, that you just can’t quite manage to grab hold of! Please book a session with me here.

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