What is Love?

let your light shine

Love is a very high energy vibration. It is the crux of everything. It is the most powerful emotion you will ever feel. Love will literally take you to a higher vibration of existence. It instils warmth, understanding, truth, passion, creativity, vitality, happiness, joy, affection, nurturing, healing, strength, clarity and beauty. It heightens our perceptions, allows us to see the love in everyone and everything.

I can hear a few of you saying, ‘Love isn’t like that for me!’ and a lot of others saying, ‘Ah yes, I felt that once, but my relationship is lacking most of those things now.’

The problem with Love is, it tends to be experienced at the third level of vibration, yet love transcends all levels. People are feeling it in its dense form, which means that the negatives of love: pain, jealousy, anguish, rejection, loss, hurt, heart ache, which all weigh the heaviest and so are more at home at the third level, are prevalent in most relationships.

One of the soul tasks of every person is to learn about love and to start to raise their own vibration so that love can be experienced without the negatives. Love is a creative force, an all-encompassing, awe inspiring energy. It has no negatives. It is THE most positive thing in the Universe! The negatives come to teach us that what we are experiencing is a very low end perception of what love actually is!

People are becoming aware, more and more that what they get in a relationship is a mirror image of what they are giving out. It can take a while to get your head round that. It actually takes a lot of courage to even try! If you are badly beaten by someone else, how are you responsible?

The answer is you are not responsible for someone else’s actions, but you are responsible for your own. This includes emotions, thoughts and feelings which are transmitted invisibly on an energy level. In a relationship peoples energy systems begin to merge and mingle and, without realising it both parties pick up on the other one. This works well if you are a balanced, harmonious, self-loving, self-nurturing person yourself, living with another person who is the same. But most people are not at this level, and if one is, the other may not be! It is something we all aim for, but not something we achieve easily, and usually it takes a few relationships that go wrong to teach us these things about love.

Nobody wants a violent or abusive relationship. Nobody invites that consciously into their life, right? There are many people though who feel they are not worthy of the love of someone, not happy with who they are, who put themselves down, put themselves last on their list. Once more that is not an invitation for abuse or for someone cheating on you, but what it DOES do is send out a vibration that you are weak, you are not worth anything, and you do not need to be thought of as someone worthy of love. This is picked up on by the other party. Now if that other person is someone that you have a past negative history from another life with, or someone who naturally has a heavier vibration and has a more aggressive approach to life, or someone who has suffered their own emotional traumas, their response to your own feelings is to feel that they have all the power and you are just a piece of dirt on the carpet.

That is still a simplistic approach to what happens, but can you see what I am getting at? We ALL, whether we believe it or not, pick up on the thoughts and feelings of those we are in close proximity with and we unconsciously react to those thoughts and feelings.

So when we look at it that way the biggest responsibility we have in ANY relationship is to be our own friend, love ourselves completely and unconditionally, stand in our truth and know who we are and what we want as a person. This gives us power. If someone attempted to be abusive with you when you held the power of love within you, you wouldn’t allow it because you would KNOW that you are far more worthy than that. Yes it would upset you but you would not stay and let it happen.

I am talking here in extremes to make my point more obvious and I have no wish to belittle anyone’s awful, unfair or unjust experiences at the hands of another. I have suffered in my own relationships and have learnt the hard way how people react to each other.

From a spiritual perspective then, we are here to know love, feel love and understand love. But love has to begin at home, in your own heart, in your own soul and in your own space. There are many reasons that we do not love ourselves. I could write a book on just that! And in one blog we cannot discuss them all, or discuss exactly what we can do for each and every reason. There are as many reasons as there are people. We are all different, our perspective on life is shaped by our lives. Yet there are things we can all do to help ourselves, and let love in.

So let’s start at the beginning. You will never meet your soul mate, twin flame or the person who completes you until you are your own soul mate, twin flame and person who completes you. And very often our SOULS mate is with us to teach us something, because that soul loves our soul unconditionally and has agreed to help. This of course means that your soul mate will bring up negative lessons as well as positive ones. If the negatives outweigh the positives you will no doubt leave them behind…BUT…they will have taught you some important things about yourself that you can then use in other relationships.

So instead of yearning for your soul mate start looking a little closer to home for love. Start looking at yourself. Begin with friendship. Are you even your own friend? Do you lie about yourself?

Now you’re asking, ‘How can I do that?’

Have you ever said one of the following?

‘I am an awful person.’

‘I look terrible today’

‘I am hopeless at being a parent, lover, friend.’

‘I am ugly, fat, too big, too small.’

These are all lies. You are not any of those things and by saying them to yourself you are placing a deep gulf between yourself and your soul. If your friend said such hurtful things to you as much as you do, would you be their friend? I doubt it. Unless of course you believed it too!

You are a beautiful, being of pure light, encased in a human body. And so is everyone else. It is time to start being your own friend, talking to yourself as a best friend would, encouraging yourself, accepting that, yes you do make mistakes, but that’s ok, because you have learnt from those mistakes. Just remember next time to do something differently. We are AIMING for perfection, but we are NOT perfect. Our Angels, Guides, Master, teachers, Gods, Goddesses, and loved ones forgive us for not being perfect because they know it is a journey. They love us and encourage us. They never give up on us. Just because you have done things wrongly, not yet achieved perfection, cannot yet stand up and say, out loud, with gusto, ‘Yes I love myself, I am a wonderful person and my truth is what I live by,’ doesn’t mean that you give up and say, ‘I am useless at this.’

Make today the day you begin to look at love differently. Look inwards, and be aware of all the ways you don’t love yourself. Catch yourself when you are being negative about you, unforgiving, unaccepting of your bad and good points, not allowing your values and truth the light of day. Forget that search for a soul mate. Forget about finding the best way to patch up a failing relationship, or even a loving one that is going through a rough patch. You are not being selfish by taking some time now to learn who you are, what you want and how to love yourself.

The rewards? The people around you will begin to behave differently too. Remember those invisible energies that mingle and merge when in close proximity? The ones that let someone else react to who you are inside? How wonderful will it be when you love yourself so much that everyone else will love you completely, for who you are? Everyone else will see the beauty that you exude. Do you know what that is? That beauty? That is the light of your soul standing in your body, in unity. Loving you completely and unconditionally uncovers the light of your soul and allows it to shine in the world!



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