What do you Really Want?

Have you ever stopped to think what you actually want? What I mean is this….I feel I need money, but what is behind that need? What I actually need is the safety and security that money provides. Somebody else may want money for a different reason. They may want it because they feel the need to buy the newest technology, so they also have a need for that technology, but why? It could be it gives them pleasure that they cannot find elsewhere, it is their way of self-loving, so the technology and the money are filling a gap inside caused by a lack of love for who they truly are, by themselves or others.

Behind everything you feel you need there is something else. There is a reason. Take a moment and ask yourself, what do I feel the urge for today, what do I NEED in my life right now. Then ask what that thing gives you.

Now try this. Once you have found the reason try manifesting into your life the ‘feeling’ that you would get if you had that need fulfilled. So for me, how would I feel if I had safety and security to know I could feed and clothe my family? Get it? I am not trying to manifest money, but what it means to me. In this way I am not predetermining how I will gain what I need. I am allowing the way this comes to me to be open. That means that there are many possibilities that could bring me safety and security. If I tried to manifest just money I would begin to stress about how to get that money, which puts an immediate block on the light that can enter. I might decide that I NEED to win the lottery as nothing else will do. And so then I only have one channel, one possibility to get what I want. And it may not bring the safety and security anyway!

The best way to get what you want is to pinpoint it, and then ask for it. It is simple really. Look beyond the material to what you need inside and then spread the net of possibilities wide and see what the Universe sends your way. It will bring far more happiness and satisfaction than you think.



One thought on “What do you Really Want?

  1. Thank you so much for this, Kirsten! Thinking what the underlying goal and breaking down my wants and needs to their most basic form could really calm me down just by slowing me down! My all-encompassing goal, though, is happiness. And you have to choose it daily. Happy 4th!

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