What Do You Offer the Moon Tonight? A Poem.



Tonight I sat staring at the Moon as she rose full and beautiful over the horizon and I threw to her all my problems.

But then it occurred to me that, as she offered me beauty and illumination, I offered her negativity and darkness. Not only did I feel that this was wrong, and hardly fitting a thing to offer , I realised I was asking the Universe for all the things I did NOT want returning!

And this poem came to me then. It is something to consider when you feel down in any way. Just ask yourself what it is you are offering with your feelings? Do you want this in return?



What Do You Offer The Moon Tonight?


What do you offer the moon tonight?

As she kisses you with her light.

Do you offer her love?

Do you offer her joy?

Or does she hear your plight?

Be still, for a moment and ponder,

How this would make you feel,

Would you offer her love?

Would you offer her joy?

Or would you dim your light?

What you want is waiting for you

You only have to ask,

So still those words

And take a breath,

And please give up the fight.

If you beg,

You receive a beggars lot,

If you cry,

You receive more tears.

What is in your heart

Is multiplied

Especially those fears.

Do not throw fears at the Moon,

She will only bounce them back.

Instead throw her love,

Instead throw her joy,

And bathe her with your light.

Kirsten Ivatts  2016

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