Weird Experiences in The Night!

To really understand more about what I’m talking about in this post you need to follow this link and read Lisa’s blog from a couple of days ago.
Last night I found myself having some similar experiences to Lisa. If I hadn’t read the blog I may wouldn’t have fully understood the relevance, but thankfully I did, and do!
I awoke in the night from a deep sleep, and lay facing the ceiling, wondering why I didn’t feel at all groggy or half asleep. I then heard a loud noise, hard to describe quite what it was. It was almost a bang, like something falling, but not quite. What got me pondering was, it didn’t make me jump. I was in a relaxed state, the night was peaceful, yet this loud noise didn’t disturb my body at all! Hmm…perplexing. Phil stirred at the side of me, and I asked if he had heard anything. He mumbled no, but I did second guess myself and think that perhaps the noise had actually woken him. I shrugged it off.
A few minutes later I heard another noise, still not one I could fully describe, but loud. Again I didn’t jump, and again Phil heard nothing. I opened my eyes and, as I often do, noted some swirling of energies in the room. They are normal for me, so I closed my eyes and tried once more to sleep.
Next there was a feeling in my throat, like a tingling of energy, yet not as subtle. It wasn’t unpleasant but it was there. It stopped and then started again a few moments later. I then felt some inner ear pressure and then found my body was adjusted so that it was straight. I was still very relaxed, but also very curious! I was now feeling my energy body vibrating as I often do when meditating or when tuning my awareness. There was a feeling of ‘inner adjustments’ being made, like someone was rearranging my insides, but again, in a nice, relaxing, fluid way.
Eventually all went quiet, but just before I drifted back to sleep I remembered Lisa’s blog (above) and I got an instant ringing in my ears.

Phil was up and away very early this morning. I always ask him to lock the front door when he leaves, but I wondered fuzzily if he had. The thought wouldn’t leave me and I kept berating it as my EGO mind prodding me with anxiety based thoughts, but it still wouldn’t go. Suddenly I was wide awake and my eyes opened, as if I had no control of them. I got up and went down to check, knowing I was not going back to sleep until I did, and lo and behold, Phil had left his laptop bag with the laptop, and all his work documents in it. As he is away for the week, this was VERY IMPORTANT. I ran to the phone and called him, luckily he was only 10 minutes away. Then I stopped and laughed and said thank you! Note to self….LISTEN!
When I eventually got up at a more normal time I decided to ask my cards what had gone on in the night. As I was shuffling the deck I got a weird feeling in my throat as if it was more open than it had ever been, not that it ever felt blocked. This feeling extended down to the heart and then back up. The words that came then were that a channel had been opened from my heart to my throat so there was a clear channel for my heart to be expressed fully. WOW!
The card I then pulled had the words ‘Hitting the Mark’! I took that as confirmation!!!

The card image is from Colette Baron Reid’s Wisdom of the Hidden Realms

Wisdom 10

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