We Are All Energy Litter Louts!


More and more, through working on myself and others, I am realising what Energy litter louts we are!

As soon as we give something focus, we also give it energy. But we leave our energy with that thing when we move on. You may think this isn’t a problem, but it is, and here’s why.

Firstly we must understand that the human body is an Energy generator, generating life force energy so that we function perfectly. This human body exists in a world of Universal Energy, which I understand to be love. That is not the love we experience as humans, but a far bigger, wider reaching, amazing love than we can imagine. At times we manage to connect with it and feel ecstasy, but in our normal daily existence our love is made up of how we perceive our world and how we relate to it and others in it. All we need to know about Universal energy for this blog post is that it helps buoy us up even when we have littered our own energy to such an extent that we are virtually empty!

Humans relate to everything, that is how we get through life, by making relationships. And relationship requires focus and so ENERGY. Even if the relationship was with a sunrise, a dog, a raindrop on your skin, or dog muck on your shoe, you have to invest energy into it to make it real and so notice it is there.

In many, many cases, we then walk on, leaving our energy behind. The amount we have invested in the dog muck is minuscule, but if you invest energy into 100 minuscule things a day, then it begins to mount up.

Some things require more of our energy, especially our relationships with other energy shape shifters, or Humans! And again we never retrieve our energy, we just leave it there.

Not only does this negatively impact your whole energy system, because you, in effect, forget this energy is still left invested in someone else it begins to go stale, for want of a better word. It then causes discomfort in another persons energy system, which THEN causes conflict and challenge. The energy of a relationship needs to be kept fresh and vibrant, by renewing it constantly. We need to retrieve our energy, let it be refreshed by our generator, and then re focus it differently.

This offers us an opportunity to feel better, think more clearly, avoid conflict and reach resolution and compromise quickly, and share an energy that is full of life and passion!

So if you are feeling depleted, low on energy, or if you seem to have a relationship that has gone flat or is constantly challenged, look at where you have been leaving your energy, and make an effort to take it back!


I am busy writing a soon to be published E Book that will show you how to regain your energy. It will be out as soon as I figure out how to convert it to an E Book that is properly formatted!! Watch this space!

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