Visions and Meanings

Alex Grey
By Alex Grey

Last night I had one of my sleepless nights where my energy flows fast and sparks, and does all number of weird and wonderful things that keep me awake, or in a very light sleep. These are the nights when I know I am going through some sort of change, even if I don’t understand what that is.

These are also the nights when I get visions, downloads.

Last night as I lay trying my best to just breathe and fall asleep I got the strong, really strong scent of Jasmine. I did the usual thing of trying to rationalise where it came from in the middle of winter, even going as far as to start sniffing everything in sight!

Why do I do this?!!

Of course there was no material, visible THING that smelt of jasmine, and the scent was getting stronger, so strong that I could feel it at the back of my mouth, like sticking your head in an over powering Jasmine bush!

So a lay down, and breathed it in, relaxing into the experience and becoming awed at the fact that this Jasmine scented energy was in my presence. It was far nicer than the land energy that often plods slowly through where I live that smells of tobacco.

I closed my eyes and smiled, and then got a vision of a human head, completely hairless and see through. It was a fleeting vision yet exceptionally clear, and far clearer than the other thoughts and pictures in my conscious mind.

This head was the size of my own, in profile, looking away into the distance. Its eyes were blue, and it hovered in a night sky. Either the head itself was full of stars or I could see straight through to stars, not sure which but the whole things was beautiful. Heart swelling, ecstatic, divinely beautiful! Tears came to my eyes as I lay and looked at it.

Then it vanished, and just the Jasmine was left.

I am sharing this because I have a message. Many of us experience similar things, especially at night. And the key word here is EXPERIENCE. What we tend to do is look for meaning, try and figure out why the hell it happened, what message we are missing. We ask others, search the internet and read other peoples answers, which are not our own.

The meaning is irrelevant, at least any meaning that the conscious rational mind can understand. We don’t need to KNOW why or what just happened. WE just need to experience it. Enjoy it. BE MOVED BY IT!

If you are moved by it there has been an energetic shift, and THAT is what is important.

So next time you have any experience that you cannot explain, switch off your mind and just enjoy it! It has nothing to do with your mind anyway.



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