Understandings before the Equinox

Today has been another hard one emotionally, but it all began last night.

Last night I did a meditation I found on YouTube to link to the Akashic’s. Normally I link up through the Pathway Prayer Process, but I wanted to try something different. You can find the meditation at the end of this post.

This was a great experience. Anyone can link to their Akashic Records. By practicing this meditation you will get better and better results, as well as a relaxing experience to boot!

Anyway I digress, I had asked a question in the Akashic’s. ‘What is my Divine Purpose?’ This is something I constantly struggle to understand, to find, to see. Well, I got nothing. I just sat in this wonderful relaxing, deep meditative state of being. I seemed to descend in layers of meditative awareness until I reached a plateau. I then got, what I will call tampering, for want of a better word, with my third eye. Of course then the answer came to me, and it made me smile, even in that state! I was being shown my Divine Purpose. It was to simply BE, in spirit, connected. It was to be my Soul, to live in this awareness of presence, always.

As soon as the message penetrated the density of my mind I saw a massive hole inside me, taking in all my stomach area. This started to fill, not visually, but via energy sensations. Then I was filled up through the rest of my body and out through the crown, a very pleasurable and healing experience.

I then asked what was stopping me from moving forwards. Instantly a brick wall appeared in front of my face. I realised I was standing in front of it, or actually sort of floating, it was misty beneath my feet. The wall went up, down and from side to side for as far as I could see. I then noticed a tiny chink in the wall. I looked through and saw a golden path leading away from it. There were golden shapes on the horizon, but I couldn’t quite make out what they were.

I had the knowing that I had made this wall myself, over many years, perhaps even lifetimes. I turned to look behind me and saw I was in a prison yard, and again it seemed to me it was all of my own making. I knew I must get rid of this wall if I am to get anywhere, and looked around for a way to demolish it. A sledge hammer appeared but I instantly knew that was the wrong way to do this. Instead I stared at the wall in detail, and loved it for it’s beauty and structure, and for all that it stood for. The mortar began turning to a liquid gold, flowing between all the bricks. I touched the bricks, feeling their course roughness, and they began to change colour, each one a different colour of the rainbow. Then they began to melt, starting where I was and moving gradually outwards a brick at a time, like a domino effect. As they melted a path of rainbow colours formed beneath my feet stretching to the golden road beyond. I knew I needed to walk that path, but I also knew it wouldn’t be now, there was much to assimilate first.

Right on cue the meditation came to an end.

I felt very different. I could feel the filled in hole inside me, and a  feeling of freedom. I suddenly got the impression that I had been hung, drawn and quartered. My blog from yesterday http://thelightofyoursoul.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=444&action=edit

describes how I got a channel opening from my throat to my chest and back, and then the gaping hole was where my guts sit within me. The prison I found myself in, that I thought was self-generated may have been a past life that has carried a Soul imprint through to this present one, making me look for ways to create a self imposed prison.

The thing with the Akashic Records is that, whatever comes through, know that it comes as healing for you. It may be a metaphor, or it may be a past life, or it may be a mixture of both. It doesn’t matter, you don’t need to understand that part of it, you just need to understand how the healing is taking place.


Leading on from this I awoke this morning feeling peaceful and very free, like I could breathe better with my whole body. I was very pleased until I picked my cards. The words that struck home were, ‘It’s time to see the flaws in your foundations you and others have built for you.’

My heart sank a little as I tried to understand the words, and I also felt a bit deflated! What MORE work to do?

As it happens yes there was more, a whole lot more and it related to last nights meditation in that it related to how I look at my work life, which I find hard to disassociate from my life purpose. It brought a whole lot of realisations flooding in, and a letting go of even more of things I thought I’d dealt with! Oh boy the layers! It always comes back to how I only see myself as worthy if I am earning money and my striving to do so. And that all goes back to my Dad and then to my ex husband. Sigh……….

Lots of EFT, and Emotrancing, plus meditation and praying, and reclaiming energy and giving back energy later, I feel a whole lot better! Phew! There were tears, there was pain, but there was also a whole lot of letting go, understanding and freedom to come from it.

Ok Equinox energies, I’m rolling up my sleeves now ready for whatever comes at me tomorrow! Roll on the 20th!!

Kirsten Ivatts



Akashic Record Meditation



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