10 Ways to Understand Your World Within!


Let your mind travel with me through the following ideas. Don’t let it stop and question. Not yet. Just let it flow and see where it takes you by the end of this blog.

You are a whole world. Your family is your solar system, your community is your Galaxy and your country is your Universe. You are a whole within a greater whole.

Your conscious mind is the law and order, the complex logic that creates stability and security. Your energy mind is the nurturing, peacekeeping, creative force that promotes fertility, creation and the link with the realm of Spirit.

Within you are many different people. We call them aspects, because they are all a part of you. Some are aspects from the past, and some are in the future. Some are more powerful than others. Some are peaceful and some are not. Some make a community and some are at war. Some are hurt and suffering and some are happy and secure and healthy.

All of these aspects need you, their creator, their Source, to care for them. They need your law and order and your love and nurturing, your support and your encouragement. In this way they grow and come into balance.

When you know that you are a world, you can allow the sun to shine when it is needed, and the rain to fall when things need to freshen, change and be made clean in order to grow. You understand that there is a need for both. You care for all your aspects greatly and wish to help those in need. You offer love always, without condition. When you do this your world is a happy and harmonious one. It can then help other worlds to become the same, partly by being present and partly by offering support, teaching, guidance and healing.

Take a moment now and consider the following questions.

  1. Have you ever considered that you are a world?
  2. What type of world are you the Source of?
  3. Are your people happy or sad?
  4. Where is the sunlight?
  5. Where does the rain fall?
  6. Is there balance?
  7. What can you do about it?
  8. What are your people eating and is it nutritious?
  9. Are their wars in your world?
  10. If so which part?

Considering yourself in this way is a very good way of really standing back and getting a clear picture of where the problems are and understanding why you are the person you are. It is also useful in healing.

Let’s look at all these aspects for a moment. When you argue with yourself, or cannot come to a decision because there are too many reasons for or against, this shows that your world has no unity. Think of something now that is causing you a problem. Now write down all your arguments, for and against. Close your eyes and ask all the aspects that are involved in this issue to come forward. There may be one or two or there may be a crowd! They all want their say! Ask next what you can do for them that will bring them into agreement. This is where it gets interesting. Don’t dismiss ANYTHING that they tell you! Even if it seems trivial or stupid, there is an aspect who thinks it is important. Listen to what they want and then discuss how you can give that. You may need to work individually with some, and as a group with others. There may be a need for some compromising, which is fine as long as you get them to agree to it. If not, don’t compromise, make an offer. If all else fails with any particular aspect offer LOVE. Most aspects that are argumentative and negative in some way can be healed by giving them attention and love. Go over and hug them, let them know you care and FEEL that caring and loving in your heart. Ask them what they need as an individual to be happy.

You see talking to these aspects of yourself, is not crazy, but a very logical and sane way to deal with your personal issues and to truly understand who you are. This understanding and knowledge is the path to balance and harmony and happiness! When people tell you that you hold all the answers, they are not lying! You really do.

Make a decision today to be the creator of your world in a new, understanding, listening, focused, and responsible way. Learn to SEE your truth, to love who you are and to clear away the negatives. Be your own God or Goddess, and you will find that the space inside where once there was disharmony, unhappiness and fear is now clear and ready to be filled with light, happiness and love!

Step into your World and make it a better place to be!

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  1. In Hindiu world I’m in now. I listens and can be reason with and also in serenety state I’m in the power now if it does’nt agrees me that will cuts their head off and keep it in my necklace it ends done and knows it dead!

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