The Star of David

Today is a day of importance. The planets have converged to produce the Star of David, and there are many different opinions about how rare this alignment is, or isn’t, and how it will affect us. I have read many of these different opinions this morning and shared a few on my Facebook page.

The thing is though, in my life, it is how I AM affected that matters. And truthfully, with your own unique mix of planetary alignments in your natal chart, it WILL affect you differently to me. I think the important thing here is focus. Focusing on you today, how you feel, what is wrong, what is right, is more important than what someone tells you about the significance of this alignment.

I can’t tell you how you will feel, but I can share my own experiences so far, on this day. I didn’t sleep well AT All last night. I was very restless indeed. I awoke though and felt I should get up, as if I had lots of energy that I just didn’t feel! I have spent all morning feeling completely ‘out of my body’. It feels like I am about five feet higher than I am. Consequently there is a light headedness and a slight dizziness at times. I have done everything I can to ground myself, a small amount of food, water, walking bare foot outdoors, sitting on the grass in meditation, reaching my three points of my protective triangle far down into the Earth to anchor myself, but still this feeling persists.

And with it is a very contemplative feeling. It isn’t hurried or worried. It is calm, it is pondering where I have come to, how everything fits, how I can be of help to my partner, who is going through his own initiation process at present and having a bumpy ride.

I am not striving for answers, I am not even feeling the need to do that. I have complete trust today that they will arrive when they will. I am practising my Self Love and allowing this process to unfold, whatever the process is. I am gently gazing within, gently settling myself into my surroundings, gently gazing without. It feels strange, it feels as if I am on the verge of something big, or is if I am watching something arrive into my life from a great distance away. It feels peaceful, it feels loving, it feels nice.

I know a lot of what I am writing probably makes no sense to you. It doesn’t all make complete sense to me, but it also doesn’t have to. It will in time.

In sharing this today I suppose my purpose is really to ask you to also stop, to allow, to perceive, to be at peace with what is happening with you now. Forward movement will come, but first there are energies that need to change and transmute. Life is at a turning point. I am walking on an edge, yet walking with ease, relaxed, with no fear, as if I have been doing this all my life.

And when I think about it….I probably have!


Kirsten Ivatts

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