The Otherworld – A Fifth Dimensional Reality?

Sometimes my mind wanders and spirals and threads and knots. Last night was one of these times. The thread I will share with you is a relating of last night, so I hope it makes sense to you.

In most Pagan thought there is a veil, often pictured as mist, that separates this world from the Otherworld, or the Summer lands. At this time of year, and especially the three to four days from Samhain (October 31st) the veil is at its thinnest allowing back and forth movement between the worlds, and hence the tradition of ghosts at this time.

My mind, was trekking through bits and pieces I have been reading of late, and coupling it with my own experiences of the REAL world, the matrix, if you will that holds this reality, this collective thought that we live within in place. There have been times, when sitting in quiet contemplation in nature where I have begun to see ‘beyond the mists’, to what is behind the frontal image our eyes see, and our brains believe. It is a world of swiftly moving and changing energy, forming, dissolving, growing, shrinking. I have not dived very far into that place as yet, I will, but I know I am not ‘seeing’ it with my eyes, even though they are open, I am sensing it with my Soul. And perhaps this is because it is a dimension where my Soul feels at home, it’s place of origin, it’s homeworld. And then my mind followed on to the Otherworld and I realised with a start that this is one and the same thing. The Otherworld, where Souls are born when they die in this world is what I actually SEE. The world of the Fae, the world of myth and legend, the world of our dreams, the world of 5th dimensional reality.

And then the thought continued on, to a wondering if this is what we would experience as OUR world when we eventually and permanently up our vibration so that we live within the 5th dimensional reality. Will the world we experience be a world of shifting, changing energy, less substantial yet more so? Will it be one where the Fae, the Unicorns, the Mermaids, the Nymphs and all the other beings of myth live alongside us? Will we create this reality as we have created the one we are in, as a collective consciousness or will we each create the world as we envision it should be, each to our own so to speak? The questions continue. I am not looking for answers, just exercising my brain. But sometimes it pays to write such things down so that you can look back at your musings and gain from them or add to them in the future. Or screw them up and realise they were just the ramblings of a mind that should have been sleeping!

Kirsten Ivatts



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