The Ongoing Process of Self

As you may be aware from my other blogs I am in a process of letting go and releasing at present, as many of us are, but it isn’t always immediately obvious what we need to let go OF, and as I have mentioned in a previous blog, at times it can be the smallest of things.

I have been getting constant messages from Lady Isis and Archangel Michael that I am being divinely protected while I let things go, and then yesterday I got the notion to do some EFT on his ‘letting go’ that I still had to do, because I really wasn’t sure what it was or how to go about it!

Wow, what a good idea that was! I decided to use a statement for my EFT that went as follows, ‘I wish to let go of everything that is blocking my alignment with my soul and stopping me from carrying out my life purpose.’ I then used the smaller phrase ‘Let go’ as I tapped and other similar things as they came to me.

I got an instant feeling of energy dropping through my body and out into the Earth, then a lot of movement of energy in the solar plexus, the sacral centre and a lightning in both. This ended up as a great feeling of love in my heart centre and on my final EFT round I tapped on self-love, unconditional love. My whole energy system was buzzing and vibrating and I felt the point where my soul fully stepped in to my body, although I felt it was far bigger than me, so my body was with my soul. My aura widened, my awareness of self and soul heightened and I felt so much love that it brought tears of joy to my eyes!

If you have never used EFT, I practice a form called Energy EFT created by Silvia Hartmann. It works far better for me and for my clients than the original type, and has more of the divine feminine running through it. If you are interested there is a short course on my website for using Energy EFT for stress busting, which will give you the basics for using it with anything!

After this I found that the rest of the day, I was aware of my body AND my soul. Each action I took was slower, more deliberate and more aware. I did the most mundane jobs in the house, and had a walk with my youngest and the dog, but everything was more focused and everything became sacred. I can’t tell you how relaxed I felt!

Last night I asked Isis for guidance and I picked a card from her deck that I had been told I was aiming towards in a previous reading. It was a card relating to the Goddess Sekhmet and the gemstone Carnelian. I did a powerful meditation in the Carnelian Temple of Sekhmet to release the old parts of me, all old patterns, and once more felt a great transitioning within my body. One slight problem though, awakening the sacral centre chakra at that time of night does not help with sleep!! I have programmed a raw carnelian stone to wear, wrapped with copper to help transmit the energy, and now wear it while Sekhmet works with me. I am sure there are going to be changes happening around me as well as within me, and I have vowed to go with whatever comes up, putting fears aside, knowing that she is helping me now. She is very powerful and a very bright goddess to behold! In fact she placed a veil in front of my eyes so that she did not blind me.

All in all yesterday was a day of many inner changes and today I am taking some time to allow these things to settle. I need to be outdoors, and be gentle with myself. I have had some things come up to be released, I have cried a little, but these are all things to be expected. Inner work is something not to be taken lightly.

I hope, seeing my own methods, helps you with your own. As I mentioned above there is help for you on my website and I you can go from there to my Facebook page to connect with me too. My aim for the future, at this point, is to help you towards wholeness, using all my skills, and perhaps the skill of sharing my own journey is as big a help as any.


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