The Hungry Caterpillar!

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After losing a stone at the end of last year I have somehow got into the eating anything and everything routine again and gained half of it back! Now I don’t do diets, but I do like eating healthily and exploring new ways of cooking and eating food. But through January of eaten almost compulsively and I knew I had to find out why.

There is always a why!

So I asked my Energy Mind to take me to the perfect place in time and space to sort out this compulsive eating.

I was on a stone cliff/plateau. The morning was bright and clear, around 18 degrees C, so just about right temperature wise. The view was amazing but there was no way off the cliff. On three sides though there was scraggy mountain grass leading into woodland. I asked to meet and Entity or Aspect I could converse with. And slowly a massive caterpillar came out of the woods, about my height, but very fat. I immediately thought of the Hungry Caterpillar book. This caterpillar had obviously been eating to gain energy to transform. (I then got a quick vision of the butterfly necklace my son and daughter in law got me at Christmas, that had resonated and I have been wearing a lot).

hungry caterpillar

I started thinking, ‘The caterpillar has been eating the wrong things. The energy source was wrong.’ And then a girl emerged from the woods and stood with her hand on the caterpillar. She was dressed in Lincoln Green!

The caterpillar started to tell me it had had enough now, it wanted to build its cocoon and transform, it was long overdue. The girl looked anxious and came to stand by me. I asked if she was OK and she told me she didn’t know what to do now. If the caterpillar no longer needed food her role was over, but she had nothing else. She was scared. I asked her what she would prefer to be doing, and she didn’t know. I asked what she had done before the caterpillar and she said there was no before.

Here I realised this was a programme that had over run, and didn’t know how to stop. The caterpillar was now spinning silk around a tree and then over its tail end. I felt great relief running through me. The caterpillar had been forced into keeping going, not being allowed to transform by this girl, who was scared to let him stop, as she had nothing when he did.

She told me she was tired, exhausted even, and had been running out of food sources. The cliff was a prime example.

As I was wondering how to help her, knowing this programme had to stop, a man and woman walked out of the woods. They were very ‘otherworldly’, almost like a fairy King and Queen, and were not fully materialised, as if they were between two worlds. They held out their hands to the girl and told her she could come home now. Her time here was finished, all was complete.

She happily went to them and vanished, which was a major relief for me!

The caterpillar was quickly making his cocoon. He said I could go, he would let me know when he was ready to transform. It wouldn’t take long, it was long overdue!

So I have left him there. So much of this resonates. I feel this is an ending of a seven year cycle. Seven years ago I was going through the separation of mymarriage. I was at my ideal weight at this time. That separation ended a cycle and a new one began very quickly after with me meeting my partner now, then having my daughter, and going on a journey of shedding, releasing and discovery that has brought me to this point in time.

I am excited, but still at the point of not knowing. I DO feel however that this Monkey Year that begins on the 8th of February will herald some transformations for me. This week I feel I am gearing up towards this caterpillar emerging.

Bring it on!


P.S If you feel the need to know the reasons WHY you are stuck with something, and want to find a way to stop programs running that have out stayed their welcome, please contact me or book a session here. Aspect work is enjoyable, fun, and very enlightening and can be done via Skype, worldwide or Phone (UK only).



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