The Healer

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For a long time I struggled being a healer. Even though it comes very naturally to me, I felt it was wrong in some way.

When I discovered Energy EFT, and  EMO I realised that the part I had struggled with was taking away from someone, their own ability to heal themselves. These energy techniques showed me that I could SHOW people how to heal themselves.  I could offer them a safe and supportive space to do that.

My Skills

Many people call me a healer, but really I feel more like a Guide. I shine a light on the path ahead, and offer tools to create the next step. I am there when times are challenging, and I offer guidance when you struggle to understand.

I am also a natural listener and  intuitively pick up what you need or where your attention should to be drawn to. I offer advice and comfort when it is needed.

My psychic skills often show me where in your body, energy is stuck. I can help you to create flow once more.

I have been through many situations in my life that have taught me a lot about how important it is to be aware of thoughts as energy. I have find myself often helping people to understand this for themselves and so also offer mind set coaching as one of my healing skills.

I am a certified Master Practitioner in Energy EFT and EMO. I also hold certificates in Meridian Psychotherapy and Colour Therapy. I sometimes use crystals in my work, and sometimes Nature and her healing energies. I use Oracle cards, Tarot, and Genius Symbols if I feel they are needed.

A lot of my techniques involve Visualisation and Retrieving Lost Energy. I will find the best method for you.

You are UNIQUE!

Who can I Help?

I love working with people who are trying to improve who they are and uncover what it is they should be doing with their life.

I love working with creative people who are struggling to allow their creativity the right outlet. I also offer help to those who are struggling in relationships, suffering from anxiety, feel blocked in anyway and people just trying to understand where they are in life, and how to move forward.

I work with those who are trying to deepen their relationship with their Soul. Sometimes this is called an Ascension Path.

I can help you clear energy around houses, business premises, or any other structure.

There are many ways I can help you. If you are unsure please do contact me.


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