The Dance of the Divine Feminine.

By Rassouli


Today I am dancing with the Divine Feminine, throwing all cares to the wind and allowing it to blow new opportunity my way!

I am on a high. I sold my very first Ebook yesterday, to someone I don’t even know! This has been a life long dream for me and I now feel like an author, rather than a writer!

Its a wonderful feeling!

I have also been busy following my heart, dancing along with my passion and my hobby which has taken on a life of its own, and I keep having to rub my eyes to see if I am dreaming! My arty photos of nature are beginning to sell! You could knock me down with one puff right now!

They now have their own website and I am planning craft fairs, selling greetings cards and wall art! And best of all I have no idea where this is taking me, in fact I feel I am just being taken along on a cosmic ride!

And this is all happening because I listened, and I trusted…..not some Guru or mentor, but my own heart and my own inner voice.

And at times it takes real guts to do this and to let the fear drop away. It takes guts to walk forward with no direction other than your very next step.

But this is the dance of the divine feminine. Its wild, its unpredictable, its delectable, original, fascinating. Its swirling, whirling, jumping around fun!

And I am so glad I got off my feet and participated.


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