The Current Energies and Steps to Take to Help Yourself.

There is an awful lot going on at present, energy wise, and an awful lot of reported side effects, ranging from physical symptoms, to emotional problems, to not knowing where you are any more or which direction you need to be heading in. Many problems that you thought were resolved are probably surfacing too, although if you have dealt with them before they may be less severe and you more easily see a way to solve them.

That being said, it can all be extremely exhausting! Especially when you look back at how long this has all been going on! But right now, and until the Equinox, the energies are in a particular state of change. Many of us are having large ‘upgrades’ to their DNA, downloading new codes for humanity, which will take them forward into the New version of Earth. To fully understand this you can relate it to a computer and an upgrade of the operating system, except this is happening also to the operating system of Gaia too, just to add to the mix! Some people are also having ‘hardware’ upgrades, you may find that you are experiencing changes to the physical body.

This may all sound daunting, and on the surface it can appear so, but please do not FEAR! Fear will stop the upgrade from taking place, and instead, these problems will either drag out or will have to be tackled again in the future.

Negative states and Fear are illusions that humans have lived with for so many thousands of years, that they are ingrained into how we experience this world. As you have probably read on countless other blogs and websites, these are no longer needed, yet ridding ourselves of them is easier said than done. We are not only having our operating systems upgraded, but we are having to manually reprogram how we view, interact with and think about our lives. It is hard work at times because it takes a constant focus on being aware, and living in the present moment. To ‘log in’ to who we are as a Divine Being, means ‘logging out’ of the collective state of Fear.

The good news is that just by focusing on being aware of what you say, do, think, feel, and how you react to others, it becomes easier, and eventually becomes your natural way of being. But you have to take that step, consciously take action, for it to happen. You can ask for help though, you never have to do this alone. Your guides, Angels, Masters, teachers are always ready to help. Just by asking and then thanking them for the help you receive, whether you are tuning in to that receiving or not, is going to help you each step of the way.

Stop seeing yourself as a singular being. You really are not!! There are many parts to your soul, many other souls in your group and family, and all are connected with each other and with the whole. You are not doing this work alone. And when you feel you got something wrong….you didn’t. You just learnt a new lesson. Take note and do it differently next time. This is all part of being AWARE.

There are other things you can do to help yourself. Let’s call the ‘Being Aware’ step one. Step two is meditation. Oh wait…was that a collective groan? So many people tell me they cannot meditate. Yet meditation is something I KNOW you can all do. But let’s discuss that further.

Firstly let’s look at all the courses, books etc that you have read about meditating and bring them into the current alignment of energy. Most meditation methods were developed hundreds, if not thousands of years ago, when humans were not as far along as they are today. So the methods were developed for the people who EXISTED THEN! I have nothing against old methods of meditation, I learnt one myself, and I know they are effective, but the world is changing, we are upgrading, and we are more aware as a collective, of our spirituality. A lot of old practices were devised for students of spirituality in some form or another, who had time and a lifestyle which gave them the time, to spend in learning, and took away the cares and struggles of existing day to day.

I have recently read the blogs, website and short book by Lisa Gawlas (links at the end) and what she writes regarding meditation fits with my own inner nudges and beliefs. I encourage you to read her articles.

So from a meditation view point let’s rip up the rule book and start again. Here are some DO’s that I consider important, followed by some ideas you can try to help you. And please, just experiment with these and anything else you find and read. Don’t take one person’s word on anything…..go with what works for YOU!

  1. Do sit or lie somewhere that is quiet, and where you will not be disturbed. If and when you do begin to get into a meditative state, it is important that you come out of it at your own pace. Also if you think there is a chance you will be disturbed it is far harder to relax and manage anything at all. So even if you can only get 5 minutes, take it! 5 minutes a day is great, and far better than none!
  2. Do find a position that you can relax in, without slumping over, or falling asleep. If you fold over too much you cannot breathe fully, and if you fall asleep…well great…but that isn’t meditation!
  3. Do think about allowing your body to relax, so focus on each area and see where any tension may exist. Often just slightly adjusting your position can remedy this tension. You can prop yourself with pillows etc so that you feel supported.
  4. Do breathe, but in a relaxed rather than forced manner. Try placing a hand on your tummy and allowing your breath to make your tummy rise and fall, rather than your chest. But other than that, breathe normally. Don’t try any fancy breath work, don’t try to breathe too deeply, just relax. Oh and you will feel better if you smile too!
  5. Close your eyes, but don’t squeeze them shut. Let them slowly relax down if you like.
  6. The whole point of meditation is to let go of the mind chatter and be at one with the Divine that you are, and is part of you. So if (and they will!) thoughts come into your head, or you find yourself contemplating something, just tell them you will deal with them later, and let them go. At first this will happen a lot, but it does get easier in time.
  7. Do ask your Guides, before you start, to help you. And if you feel your body being subtly moved, relax and allow this to happen. Sometimes my body will be rocked into a new position, or I will suddenly feel the need to stretch in a yoga type way. Just go with it.
  8. And please DO NOT TRY AND MEDITATE WHEN YOU KNOW IT WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE!!!! You are setting yourself up to fail!
  9. Do persist with this, even if you think nothing is happening. It is, it just takes time and is well worth the work.


Some things that may help, or that you can experiment with until you find what works best for you:

  1. Music…see what works, what relaxes you. Sometimes nature sounds work well, and some people are better with quiet.
  2. Sit outside. This can be so much more powerful!
  3. Have a bath or shower before meditating to clear your energy field. Rock or sea salts in the bath are a great help.
  4. Use your favourite crystals in a circle around you, or just hold one.
  5. Wear lose fitting, comfy clothing, or if you have something that makes you feel more relaxed wear that.
  6. Try facing East when meditating at night or west in the morning. This aligns you with the Earths energy and so makes it all feel less of a struggle.
  7. Try different meditation techniques that appeal to you. If they don’t help look for another. Or try just sitting in a relaxed state and doing what COMES TO YOU!
  8. Think of meditation as a gift to you, a special time, something to enjoy.


I am often asked what meditation feels like. Some people are scared of what will happen and this prevents them from relaxing, and so from meditating. Firstly know that all you are trying to do is to release the EGO mind, and sink back into the consciousness that exists BEHIND, which is your divine self. Eventually, when you get good at meditation you may find it is used as a vehicle, by your guides to take you further on your path, but at the beginning you first must learn to contact yourself, and be with yourself, in PEACE.

You will know when you reach that state. It is very hard to describe, but there is a feeling of lightness, of being aware of your body, but also of your wider existence and energy. It is a lovely feeling. There is a feeling of stillness, not quite of floating, but also, not quite one of sitting within your body. It is being aware of both at the same time, and that can only be experienced to understand!

If you can learn to meditate you will benefit so much. You will start to attune more quickly to these now upgrades and downloads, you will place yourself in an AWARE state more easily, so finding it easier to see where in your life you are working from FEAR or negative emotion. You will also see where you need to place loving, yet firm boundaries, and have the confidence to do this. And there are so many other benefits too! Please, start today. As a loving gift to you!


On top of these two important steps, take time to sleep when you need to and stay clear of negative situations and conflict, especially on days where you feel you are lacking in energy.

Listen to your inner urges and heed them.

Read and research as much as possible, and then go with what feels right for YOU.

Know that there are many routes to the same destination!!

Go outside as much as possible, and be aware when you do, of all of your senses and what they are telling you. Spend time, using your senses without thinking, be a conscious observer. Do not evaluate or judge just see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel.

Let go of all the ways you want something to happen in your life. Spend time looking for the feeling you want, for example security, happiness, love, and ask for help in getting that in whatever way is best for you and all concerned. Do not TELL the Universe how something NEEDS to be! This need to know or to control stems from FEAR. TRUST and ALLOW. These are the new ways to be!

Do drink plenty of water. It helps clean negative energy from your system. Exercise also helps with this as does eating healthily.

And once more, ASK FOR HELP. It will be given!


Times they are a changing, as they say, and never more so than they are now. Things are happening quickly, we are all evolving in our own way, at our own pace. Remember to view life from the heart, with compassion for all. Remember that everyone is trying their best to work their way through this, and every soul has his or her own path that they are following.

I am not going to list Ascension symptoms here, they are vast and varied. But below are some links to places where that information as well as a wealth more is available. I have also put links to some books that have really helped me figuring out my own dilemmas!

May you walk your path home to the Divine, in love, compassion, and most of all in the light of your Soul.

Kirsten Ivatts.





New Earth Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle

Positive EFT By Silvia Hartmann

Understanding and Connecting with Your Spiritual Self By Lisa Gawlas


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