The Answer to Your Problems is Really Very Simple

Do you realise how simple life actually is?

I ask because I am fantastic at over thinking and over complicating things, and when I do eventually ‘see the light’ it always strikes me first, how simple it all is. No wonder I miss it then!!

Today I ‘got’ the reason for my marriage that broke up five years ago. As there were children involved, I haven’t been able to just walk away from having this man still in my life, and it has been challenging and still is.

I don’t want that challenge, I have tried different ways to put it behind me, but as always it isn’t until I fully comprehend the ‘reason’ that I can do this. Well now I do.

My ex-husband’s view of the world is very different to mine and he still judges me by his own standard and morals, so that when mine do not reflect his he has a go. Now instead of leaving things alone I find this hits me, WHAM, in the solar plexus and I feel my anger and hurt rising. Why? Because he makes me, every time, question if I really DO know what I am doing, if I really am making good decisions, or am being hurtful in some way to him. I don’t LIKE to hurt others, it isn’t in my nature, so that last one is a REALLY BIG WHAM!

But through a series of thoughts today, helped by my cards, I now get it. It’s very simple. I know what that relationship was to teach me.


You see, if I really believed in myself, my morals, my values I would have no reason to question them. In every other thing in my life I do not question them, but as soon as my ex throws them into the arena my mind becomes fuzzy and clarity is lost. Some of this comes from the flinging about of years of negative energy, it’s like stirring the silt that normally lies at the bottom of the pond and murkying the water. But if I was fully empowered I would just walk away until the energy settled again, and in fact I wouldn’t feel a need to revisit that pond. When I think about it not many things challenge my self perception in this way, and that is why he still bothers me. The lesson hasn’t been learnt yet.

So today I took some time to thank him, out loud for the lesson he brought into my life. I thanked him for helping me see where I needed to stand on firm ground, root myself and KNOW myself. I thanked him for helping me understand that I have less self belief than I would like to think! I forgave him for any hurt, and forgave myself for any damage inflicted.

I have done this before but there is a difference. Now I understand why I am doing this. I understand the reason behind it. I am coming from a place of knowing, with full clarity. And THAT is so very important when doing this type of work. It is the knowing that tells the Universe that we have learnt that particular lesson, we are grateful for it, and now we can let it go and go forwards. It is a very deep self healing process.

Throughout my process of thought I could feel energy releasing in my solar plexus. I could feel a better flow emerging. I said thank you for that too!

So when life seems complicated, look at how you might be overcomplicating, over thinking a problem. Know that the reason or the lesson to learn is a very simple one. Ask yourself a series of questions to pinpoint the REAL problem behind everything, the real deep down issue that the problem you face is highlighting. Try even asking your energy mind, or subconscious, for a one word answer to what the problem is. Life is really very simple.

Although there are many people, like myself, who can help you with your problems, can even SEE where your problem lies and tell you, it really makes no difference until you fully comprehend it yourself. That comprehension doesn’t come from outside, but from within. Support and guidance can bring you to that point more quickly, but they cannot do it for you.

Finding the understanding behind any problem is the way to let a little more light in, and gradually, bit by bit, uncover the luminosity of your soul.

Kirsten Ivatts for today

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