The Teacher

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In May I became a certified Trainer with the Guild of Energists. This allows me to teach and certify people in the following Energy healing methods:

I also run my own courses which I will add to as time goes by. These include:

These courses mostly take place online in a private Facebook group but can be run live too.


Although I now have a certificate to prove my teaching abilities I have at heart, always been a teacher. My words, written or spoken, have been a powerful teaching force for me, even if for years I didn’t realise what I was doing. Behind everything I do is an intention to teach people how to reveal, and become who they really are, underneath the conditioning of upbringing and culture, underneath the events that shape¬†them and the beliefs that hold them stuck.

My understanding of how Energy works in the human system gives me a very logical and simple way to teach others. And I have an extra ability that helps me to see your Soul’s template, and so I can make any teaching more applicable to you. I reveal what is hidden in you.

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