Soul Full Life. A Poem.

How can I describe the indescribable? How can I give to you the moments of absolute connection that my heart comprehends and yours does not? How can I share that intensity of love and awe that starts in my heart and spreads outwards in waves of energy? How can I…
 Just for today,Have the strength of a tree,The fluidity of water,The surrender of autumn And be a reflection of only what is in your heart.┬áKirsten Ivatts

Not Yet, Not Yet!

Stirring deep within you is the need for rest, release, for deep stillness. A pull to decipher, To untwine the strands of perplexities that tenaciously cling to the corners of your mind, Like brambles, Bearing fruit ripe for the picking, If only you can dare to reach for them through…

True Love

A little poem for you, seen as the theme is LOVE for the next 10 days!! True love is like a flower, It begins as a mysterious bud Blossoms into a glorious bloom, And when harvested will nourish your being forever. Copyright Kirsten Ellis 2012