Switching on the ‘Soul Light’.


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I have a theory that the answer to all our problems is really very simple…. an awareness and a ‘switching on’ of our Soul light.

What do I mean by Soul Light?

I mean, I suppose, what others refer to as allowing the Soul to fully enter the human body, to fully merge and unite with the physical part of our reality. This in turn allows our Soul to bring with it, a deep truth of who we are, why we are here, and also knowledge and guidance to help us fulfil our tasks in this life in such a way that they need not be repeated. Our Soul offers us a gateway to our Higher Self, the part of us that can never quite join us in the physical realm, but can still be accessed and called upon for guidance.

The Soul itself can have overlays from previous lifetimes, but our Higher Self can see beyond those to the deep down truth of who we are in actuality.

By inviting the Soul into our body we allow our energy to raise in vibration and in fact give out more light. This light cannot always be seen by the naked idea, although some people see auras and colours, which are just visible energy, but it can be felt by others. This light when fully emitting from a person gives out compassion, wisdom, understanding and attracts others like moths to a flame.

When we are fully illuminated in this way we see the world and our lives differently. We easily recognise the challenges we face as lessons, we clearly see how best to deal with them, we let go of any negatives quickly and easily, as negative energy finds it very hard to stick to that much positive energy. We are happy, healthy, abundant in all ways. When we think of people like The Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi and Mother Theresa we see people who shone with their own inner light.

So how do we help ourselves to ‘switch on’ this light, uncover our Soul and invite it in? 

There are many ways, but the following is how I do it.

Firstly, just being aware that you are more than what you see in the mirror. Understand that you are made up of dense energy particles. Around you is a sea of energy that you can learn to see. Try lying in a dark room and just looking. You will start to notice a sort of fuzziness, like a TV screen that is not displaying a picture. What you are seeing is not a trick of the eyes it is energy all around you. Once you start to see this you will notice it all the time, whether it’s dark or not, so practice seeing and being aware of energy.

You can also try walking near water or in a forest, somewhere high in natural energy. Shut your eyes and hold your arms slightly away from your sides, hands open. Now be aware of the edges of your body. See what you can feel there. Ask your Higher Self to bring you an awareness of the other energy forms around you. With practice you can walk along with soft eyes and feel the energy of the trees, or the water, and also other life forms. It is subtle, and takes practice, but once you get the feeling it is something that you will want to try again and again!

So awareness of the fact that you are energy, and energy is all around you is the initial step.

The second thing you can do is to become a pillar of light, connecting you, not just with the surrounding energy on the physical plane, but with the Earth and the Universe too. Try, for a few minutes each day, the following exercise, spending as long as feels right for you.

Sit either on a straight back chair or in a cross-legged position on the ground. Breathe for a few moments in a relaxed manner, and just be aware of your body. Bring your awareness to your stomach (the sacral centre area just below the navel), and then let your awareness sink down through your legs and down further in to the Earth. Below you there is a ball of energy. It may be large, it may be small. It may be coloured or it may be white. Let your awareness settle into this energy ball and see that from it many roots of the same light energy grow downwards. You may follow the roots or just know that they go deeper and deeper until they reach the core of the Earth herself.

Now let your awareness rise slowly back upwards, drawing the energy with you. Feel it creeping up through your body all the way up to the centre of your chest (the heart chakra). Let it rest their a moment, allowing it to expand the heart chakra, then let it continue rising upwards and out of the crown of your head. Let it continue to rise about a foot to 18 inches above you where you will notice another ball of glowing energy. Again take note of the size and colour. It may be the same, or different to the Earth energy. Take your awareness right up and into this ball of light and rest there a moment. Know that this ball of light is only a gateway to something more, an unimaginable and beautiful amount of light and energy. Then allow your awareness to descend once more, drawing the light with you. Once more rest a moment in the heart and then continue down until you reach the ball of light below your feet once more.

Repeat this procedure as many times as you feel comfortable with. As you do it you may see the light from the Earth and the Universe comingling and merging, or you may perceive them as two separate streams. You may not see them at all, but just feel them instead. It may be that at first neither happens for you and you are only aware in your mind that this is happening. All are OK, and with practice know that you will become aware of more and more of this energy, how it feels, looks and how it effects you in your everyday life.

To finish this Pillar of Light exercise rest in your heart Chakra and then feel a magnetic pull from the Earth, drawing the light down through your body, through your ball of energy below you and down through the many roots to the Earth’s Core. Feel the wonderful security and groundedness this brings and know that you have helped not only yourself but the Earth too. Give thanks for any help that you received while doing this exercise, even if you were unaware of it.

As you go about your day know that you are a pillar of light, connecting Earth and Universe, a conduit of gentle power. Try to radiate this power as love and compassion from your heart, and especially direct it at any conflict or challenge in your life, including people that you may perceive as bad, negative towards you or abhorrent. You may be amazed by the results this continuous practice will bring!

Thirdly practice both of the above daily for as long as possible. When good things happen, know that they are positive experiences, be aware of them, mindful of them and give thanks. When bad things happen know that they are reflections of what your Soul needs to recognise and learn, that is all they are, energy lessons. Be aware of them, mindful of them and give thanks for them. Then shine your light upon them to help them come to a positive conclusion.

I hope this information is of help to you. If you have any questions, or wish to discuss your practice further please feel free to join me on Facebook, or to comment here.

Kirsten Ivatts


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