Supporting The Process of Awakening

SoulMigration - Rassouli
Soul Migration by Rassouli                                                           

It is hard to put into words the changes that are happening within me. They began only a few weeks ago in earnest. At one time I would have felt this as a dismantling and there would have been an edge of fear of the unknown me that was laid bare.

Not this time. This time I feel, these changes are an evolution, rather than a taking apart. They are a cracking open, and instead of fear I am peering into this hole with excitement and anticipation of the thrill to come.

My whole way of viewing the world is changing, and new people are showing up, new books, that support this view. It seems so simple, yet I know many people, especially spiritual people, will struggle with it. I know it will be a hard concept for many, but I also know I cannot keep quiet about it, I have to speak, write, share.

My life has often shoved me to the side lines. Each time I slot into a group mind, I carry on growing and end up on the side line again. This time though I stand without any confusion blurring my vision. There is no side line because there is nothing to be side lined from. I can never be separate in anything but my perception, and even that is fluid enough to see through and around into the perception of others and so bring me understanding instead of being different.

We often speak of things that we believe to be true, with much conviction. But it is only when we KNOW something is true that he power, importance and understanding behind the words takes full effect.

Knowing is very different to believing. Knowing brings relief, balance, and peace. There is no more questioning of that thing. The laws that make it so are revealed and it is hard to believe that you could never see them before! And from a place of knowing you can begin questing once more.

These doors that have opened, this crack of awakening show so adventure and promise of so much more to learn! But I have a new foundation from which to work. Gradually I will share it with you, sometimes as a way to make sense of something myself, for in the writing my thoughts often clarify. I may backtrack, I may have times where I must wait, and surrender into not knowing, but I will share it still.

And I ask that you share with me too. Together let’s make sense of where we are, what we understand, where we are stuck, or need clarification. Sharing doesn’t have to mean we get answers, but it means we are supported in our individual journeys that all have meaning and substance to add to the World.

I would like to invite you to a Facebook Group for that sharing and support. A group based around the experiences of awakening to a new way of thinking and being.

It is a closed group so that posts are kept private. You will need to ask to join by clicking on this link.

Supporting The Process of Awakening.

It would be lovely to meet you there.

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