Story Pendants

There is a story to the story pendants, and that is how it should be!

For a long time I made intuitive crystal and gemstone jewellery, but a lack of places to sell, and interest on line brought me to a point of not enjoying it anymore. So I stopped, dropped that area of my work.

Then one day I received an email from someone who knew my cousin, a man looking for a really special gift for his girlfriend on their anniversary.

So we got talking, and came up with an idea for a five stone pendant. The pendant was based on their birthdays, the date they met and a stone for each of them, intuited by me. We then played about with the layout of the stones, setting them up to tell the story. We began with their birthdays, because that is where the story began, and then their stones, topped with the date they met.

Story Pendants Kirsten Ivatts-01I wrote the story, incorporating the stone meanings too. The pendant was then put together by me using sterling silver wire, and added to a sterling silver chain. The stones were cleared of negative energies and then charged, making them into an amulet of love.

The story and the pendant were sent off to the man, who was more than delighted with them.

His words were, ‘I absolutely love it. Discrete and yet huge in meaning.’

And the lady who the pendant was given to was very happy indeed! Here is what she sent to her boyfriend.

‘The amulet you presented me with last night is absolutely wonderful. It’s unique, beautiful and has a deep meaning within it. I am overwhelmed at how romantic you are and at the love you show me.’

I enjoyed working on this pendant so much, the back and forth with the client, creating it together and then weaving in that bit of magic to make it extra special.

I decided there and then that THIS was why I made jewellery, the story, the magic, the power it had to delight. This was something to offer to others too.

So if you have a story that we could weave into a pendant of extra special gemstones, entirely and exclusively your own, then please, please order and let’s begin the conversation!

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