Stillness in Milldale, Staffordshire by Kirsten Ivatts

Can you sit in stillness?

Can you relax your mind and body and sit in a quiet space for even 5 minutes a day?

Can you just be in the moment of stillness, no thoughts, worries no stress no strain? If you can do that,  you are making a start on the journey of discovery that will lead you back to you.

Wave by Geralt on Pixabay
Wave by Geralt on Pixabay

In silence there is no one,
No sound other than the beating of your heart
The whisper of your breath.
No words to complicate
To worry or to fret.
There is only you.

Love yourself enough to sit in your own silence and relax into the arms of the universe.

You don’t have to meditate, you don’t have to try hard, you don’t have to force anything.


You just need to gift yourself 5 minutes of nothing.

Your Worth It! 




By Mikegi on Pixabay

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