Soul Rising

Potential Rising by Kirsten Ivatts
I feel you rise within me, slowly in stages, up my spine. Like a phoenix, steadily burning away the old, reducing me to ashes, clearing the debris of life, making way for ……not something new, no…..something incredible in a way that new cannot be, something vibrating at such a pace that I cannot keep up, quite, yet.

My throat itches to release you, utter you, taste your potency and see how the world reacts to your harmonious potential. Spiralling at its base you are felt, dear, you are felt, but when will I hear you, openly?

I must wait, patience, I must let you incubate just a little longer. Your presence will, I am sure, explode from me, shattering me into millions of pieces, blowing me away and birthing you, in my place, you that is and has always been I.

Kirsten Ivatts.

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