Soul Essence Paintings

Soul Essence Paintings by Kirsten Ivatts

There are some things in life that you enjoy doing so much that the time just flies by and you become so engrossed that the world around you fades into the distance. Soul Essence Paintings are that thing for me.

So what are they and how do I produce them?

They are exactly what they say they are. I tune into your Soul’s essence, the very deepest part of you. That which you are on your deepest level of existence. Of course the human brain would normally find this hard to fathom. What comes through to me is a series of colours, abstract images and feelings that I then commit to canvas. I use acrylic paints to do these as the vibrancy and textures achieved seem to work best.

When people see their Soul Essence Paintings for the first time, they report a sense of recognition — sometimes so deep that it feels like shock. I have never handed over a painting that someone hasn’t loved!

And they also have a use. They connect you to a very deep part of you and so are great to have on a wall where they can be viewed each day. Meditating on the image can bring forward new impressions and ways of thinking about yourself, even making things clearer.

I need nothing other than your name to tune in. You can be absolutely anywhere in the world, probably anywhere in the Universe!

The canvas blocks I use are 20 by 20 cms and so are light enough to post. I don’t frame them myself, but you can take them to a picture framer, or just hang them on the wall as they are. I would suggest keeping them out of direct sunlight however.

Below are a few paintings I have been given permission to share. Unfortunately photographing them does not show them at their best as I often use metallic and pearlescent paints and these just flatten totally on photos. But it gives an idea of the differences between them.


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