Sending Love

Heart chakra


Last year I wrote a blog explaining why cutting cords was not a good idea. You can read it here.

I then wrote a short email course to show people how, instead they could take back their energy from an event or person. (You can get it here)

I now know I didn’t take this far enough. Part of me was scared to, because it is hard sometimes to offer something back to those who have caused us pain and upset, even if we feel we are thinking of them with compassion.

What I should have added to this course, and the blog, was that after retrieving our energy left behind with another, we then should send them so much love….the kind of love that makes the heart feel full and ready to explode! WE should visualise them surrounded with love, see the love healing their own wounds. When you do this the final healing occurs. Up to this point you have only tackled a proportion of the problem. Let me explain why.

We are not separate, we are all one. Those people who have hurt you, they are still part of you. Humanity is one big entity that has created a reality, our reality. We all work together daily to keep this reality running, even though we have no idea we are doing this. We all add to this whole.

By sending love to the person who hurt us, we actually send love to the whole, which means we send love to ourselves. Love is the only thing that can heal wounds and bring about a shift in perception that will help others awaken to the illusion of this reality we have created, and free them from their bonds and limitations. Only Love.

So please, if you have taken your energy back from another, and felt some healing within yourself, now send that person love. See that love wrapping them, perhaps in gold or magenta, or what ever colour love is to you. See love penetrating any hard shields they have set up to keep love out. Notice where love needs to go in their body or energy system and focus your attention then. It only takes seconds to do this, and even if you feel reversal at first to offering this person love, you will feel better by doing it.

To anyone who judges you, causes you pain, or brings up negative emotions in you, send them love in this way and dissolve the energy between you before it becomes a reality.

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