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Last year I created a small correspondence course to teach people how to take back their energy from people and situations, rather than cutting cords, something that never felt right to me.

The trouble with such courses is that many begin them, but never get past the first couple of lessons! As this is something I am passionate about, I want people to have this method of feeling better available in their kit bag for life, because it is quick and very simple!

So I am putting the course into book form. The course is still available for those that wish to take it, but all the information is in the book, so you have it all together to read and practice in one go!

So in effect this is a workbook, with practice exercises. And this is something that is best practised daily, as life throws things up. Practice otherwise can become dull and boring and make you less likely to turn to such tools as this, when needed.

The book is available to buy in my Etsy shop HERE

Here is chapter 1 of the book for you.



The Download

I often get what I refer to as ‘downloads’ of information and energy in bed at night. I think of them as neural pathways opening to reveal new information from the vast databank that is available to all, if we were just aware enough to allow it. Some people call this the Akash and have rituals they use to access it.

I have found that many people access this pool of knowledge without knowing what they are doing. I don’t think rituals are necessary, although to get the clearest information it helps to be open to receiving it and not blocking any ‘downloads’ by telling yourself you are just making it up.

People are far more magical than they believe!

One such night, I got a significant download of information regarding energy. One part that was very interesting related to cutting cords. Many people cut cords, to sever the connection on an energetic level to an event or person, but I have never liked it, it always felt wrong. Now I know why!

Cutting cords is NOT the way to go about this! Neither can you release the energy that attaches you to others, or to events. The release happens, but at the other end.

You don’t release yourself from the energy; you release the energy from you.

There is a significant difference and I will try and explain.

I will use a past relationship as an example. Any relationship (or event) is not a one way flow of energy, but a two way dialogue, like a stream of data. It forms a connection between two people and the energy of both tends to mingle together, creating a new set of data or energy that is the couple bubble*. The couple bubble is something new, a recipe of parts.

When a relationship ends and people go their own way, some of their energy remains locked into that couple bubble, and so locked into the other person. You leave part of yourself behind. This can be seen in the negative feelings that occur on breaking up, feelings of loss, gaping holes in the stomach or chest, yearning for something.

Now, cutting the cords at this point causes a problem. You not only cut off the other person’s energy, you also cut off some of your own! And at the same time, you hang onto energy that doesn’t belong to you! Do you see?

Perhaps when humanity first learnt about cutting cords, they knew these things, and perhaps the information has been forgotten or simplified over time. But the way most people go about doing this does not work on the level it needs to. This, of course, leaves you with feelings of anger, regret, judgements, and feelings that you were to blame. These are lingering remnants of the other person’s energy interfering with your own, leaving you feeling like a big jumbled mess!

Instead what needs to be done is more akin to soul retrieval. We need to withdraw our energy from the couple entity and so from the other person, bringing it back to us, allowing for us to feel brighter, lighter, and fulfilled. This is empowering! This is just what you need when separating from someone. You need your energy back!

Of course we perhaps should not give away quite so much of ourselves in the first place, and once you understand this energy exchange, you will find that you gain awareness of how and when you do this, making it easier to put a stop to it before you feel the effects.

Last night, I tried following the instructions I received to take back some energy from an area of conflict with my partner. I felt bigger, stronger, I could see clearly where my boundaries lie and I could state them without being judgemental, but instead with compassion for us both.

It was also shown to me, in this ‘download’ how this benefits the other person. When you withdraw your energy back into you, you stop the communication of data. It is like staying quiet in an argument. You are not breaking someone off in mid-sentence (something that creates more conflict), but instead you are keeping your words to yourself, which, in the case of an argument, gives the other person nothing to argue with. From an energy perspective, you are not clouding someone else’s energy field with your own colours and perspectives, words and thoughts. Instead you give them the gift of clarity and allow them to see life, and you, from an uncluttered perspective.

This is what letting go means, bringing your energy home from wherever you have left it, detaching at the other end by not being around anymore to continue the conversation, rather than cutting off the conversation in mid flow.

When you start thinking about all the places you have left energy, even if they were just ideas or thought processes, you can use this method in so many ways. And as you fill your energetic cup back up, and become stronger, life changes!


*Couple Bubble is a term created by Silvia Hartmann to describe the energy of a relationship.


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