Reality Check!


Yesterday I was suddenly prompted by some words in a discussion with dear old Silvia Hartmann to have a look at my reality. She actually said that sometimes you need to just give it a good old kick up the arse, and it made me wonder what my reality really looked like.

So I did a reality check.

I’m sure you are wondering what I mean by that. I suddenly decided to do something I would use with entities in EFT, which is to ask my energy mind what that would look like as a person. We relate to other people because we are one, we can understand them, we can even talk to them, so this works really well to bring in new understandings.

So I sat down quietly and relaxed for a moment or two and then asked out loud what my reality looks like as a person.

Now if you do this yourself, be prepared to accept whatever first comes to mind, no matter how shocked you are. Once an image begins to form, stay with it, let it emerge fully. If you can’t see a part well, ask to be shown it in more detail. And have a pen and paper ready to jot down what you see in as much detail as possible. Oh and don’t analyse just go with it.

So what I got was NOT what I expected, but with hindsight is EXACTLY what my reality was…well…in reality!

I got an image of a person, I thought a man, in a sort of 1920’s gangster film suit and hat. The clothes were all in grey and the hat hid most of the face. This ‘reality’ was smoking a cigarette, had stubble and looked decidedly shady!

I don’t smoke so I immediately told it firmly to lose the cigarette, which was stubbed out under foot. Then I told (not asked) this ‘reality’ to stand up straight and get rid of the hat so I could see it properly. It did so and the stubble disappeared on the face, revealing, pretty much my own face, but with very long wavy, golden hair, that shone.

So I asked, why the clothes and the impression of the wrong gender. I said that colour just didn’t suit me. She shrugged, looking a bit bored and said we, had, had them a long time, they were the norm. I told her I didn’t like them anymore, and we needed to come up with some alternatives.

At this point I was disturbed by a child telling me the bathroom was now free for me to grab a shower. So with a warning of, I’ll be back to my ‘reality’, off I tootled.

As I was in the shower I got a very enlightened thought that would help me and my family a step closer to moving to our desired location (not a cheap place to live, but somewhere we are very drawn to). As the thought emerged I got a massive surge of heart energy and then a quick flash of the image of my reality. I’m pretty sure I was being shown how, just taking this first step had already made a difference!

When I got back to my ‘reality’ I told her to lose the clothes, we needed something else. Under those clothes she was extremely thin. She didn’t look at all healthy and I knew we had to get her eating something good and healthy and colourful. Out of nowhere a Kaftan type wrap over full length robe appeared, made of a sheer fabric and swirling with all the colours of the rainbow. The swirls were constantly intermingling and changing. It was quite amazing to watch. Then a hat appeared in the same fabric and colours, a wide brimmed, floppy affair. This was dancing with little sparkles of white light, and my crown chakra started tingling and opening up more.





Once she was clothed I conjured up a table full of fruits, and wonderful colourful, healthy foods. She sat and began to eat. I left her there. Later that day I checked in to find her still eating, but there was a flower in her hat and lots of flowers and grass growing around her feet.


When I look back at this exercise, I can see exactly how my reality has been for a long time, grey, monotonous, uninteresting, lacking in colour and healthy vitality, cloaked, hidden. I feel as if this was a great way to be aware of and rid myself of the final few blocks that I had created in my life.

This morning I checked in again and she was standing grinning. Now she was quite huge, in the way of abundance, like one of those ancient goddess statues. There was a whole load of grass and plant life around her and suddenly she began to swirl into the colours of her clothes until she resembled a rainbow coloured vortex of whirlwind of energy. This energy spiralled up and then quickly plunged into the ground. I felt it entering my feet and shooting up to my chest where it expanded outwards and upwards. I also saw it expanding in other directions, touching the members of my family, and on, and on.

Why not give this a go yourself? It’s simple, it’s fun, and it is ULTRA POWERFUL!


Oh and please let me know how you got on!


Kirsten Ivatts

2 thoughts on “Reality Check!

    1. The gender change IS interesting, but also makes sense to me. For years I tried to be more masculine, because I felt that to be a woman was such a raw deal. I don’t mean I didn’t want to be a woman, but I tended towards aggression to shape my reality rather than my more nurturing side. I also seem to have had at least, the last two lives before this as a man, and I do feel quite strongly that some of the energy of those lives has been shaping my reality still. It was interesting that the male reality was a bit shady, as well as grey, a bit underhand if you like, not a stand up citizen. Yet when the mask fell away and my reality stood upright, the light began to shine and new ways of thinking happened in minutes. There is so much still that I am finding from this, and I expect it will keep on rolling out, a bit more at a time!

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