Questions versus negative emotions

We all have times when we question ourselves. We question whether our motives are sound, whether are actions are the right ones, whether what we are feeling is true. When it comes to our intuitive and spiritual side these questions seem to intensify. Yet students ask questions to discover the truth and gain knowledge, and we are all students of life so there is nothing wrong with questioning. The bit that gets us into trouble is the emotion behind the questions. When things are not going right or we do not understand why something is happening, negative emotions rise to the surface. While those emotions need release, it is best to allow the process of release before seriously asking the questions that you need answering, because otherwise the answer will not make sense and then the frustration and anger will continue! And more questions will arise!

In other words, when speaking to Spirit, or using a divination tool, we will not receive a clear answer if we are full of negative energy. Either it will cloud our understanding, or the negativity will taint the answer. I have tried this in the past and just spiralled into more confusion! The only time I got something clear through was when in a burst of anger I basically shook my fists at my guides and asked what the hell was going on! That time I got my first really clear channelled message and it was basically, a very gentle telling off! I was told that they gave me answers all the time but I wasn’t very good at listening to them when they were for me. I was fine at using my intuitive skills to guide others but for myself….well, I would hear, and then brush away the answer or be so busy it would go in one ear and out the other!

So please, when asking questions, release the negative emotions first, and then the answers you get will be clear and helpful and a new understanding will be reached.


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