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  • The Magical Community of I
  • Being an Interdimensional Traveller
  • Channelling
  • Dragons
  • The 9


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  1. How did you first meet your dragons and how do you work with them?

    • Thanks for this question! I will be writing a blog post shortly to answer it.

  2. I understand that we have free will and spirit cannot intervene if we are making choices that take us on a less favourable route or path.
    Does spirit intervene for babies or very small children when they are unable to make choices or decisions and all decisions are made by the parent or guardian?

    • Interesting question Jeni! I will be asking The 9 and writing a blog post to reveal the answer.

      • How did words and language come about?

        I’ve heard that back in Atlantean times everyone had the ability to communicate telepathically, is that accurate from the 9s perspective, and if so, why did we regress to spoken language, as this seems more limiting?

        • This is a great question. I will ask the 9.

          • I’ve learned that we have energetic veils of forgetfulness covering our “third eye”
            As we progress to the fifth dimension, will be still have the veil of forgetfulness?

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