Punishments and Rewards.

Image By John Hain


Today my mind keeps drawing me to something sparked in yesterday’s blog post, something I knew but now I KNOW in every fibre of my being. We are running a programme, as a society, constructed by a religion that felt the need to control the masses. This program is based on fear, punishment, judgement and is why we tend to veer towards living in that fight or flight stress mode. I have nothing against anyone’s religious views, so please don’t take this post as a dig. It’s really not that. I just am trying to highlight how ingrained negativity is in today’s society, and where that comes from.

Yesterday I used eating a slice of cake as an example of a guilty pleasure. We eat it, BELIEVING that we will gain weight, or it will add another nail in the coffin of the heart, or it will help us to get diabetes. These beliefs are held by us ALL. That makes for some really strong magnetics! WE make this happen. After all, if we have something good then something bad has to come along and bite us. We have to punish ourselves by flogging our emotions with the whip of judgement for our sins.

If you start being aware you will be surprised just how much you do this without realising. Men are teased that once they are married there is no escape from the nagging wife. Women can wear sexy clothing…. at their peril. Children can be smothered with love only to produce spoilt brats……I am shaking my head as I write…..It is all so WRONG!

Can you see how an ancient doctrine still has such a powerful grip on our way of life? Even for those of us that THINK we are aware of this and are being ultra positive, there are times when the judgement rears up, the worry, the fear, and I bet, once you start looking, that you punish yourself far more than you think. If you eat that cake do you then stay clear of food that gives you that cake feeling for the rest of the week? Penance.

We also like to issue ourselves with rewards. I haven’t had a drop of alcohol all week, I have abstained under great duress (and stress), but now it’s the weekend and I can have as much as I want! Recognise the pattern?

Rewards are needed to plug the big hole we make by denying ourselves love. If we really love ourselves the rewards are not even considered because there is no hole to fill. We create scenarios constantly of abstinence and reward, of sin and punishment, of love and no love.

Why can’t there just be love? Why is everything sold to us through fear? Even those happy beer adverts are really saying, if you don’t drink this beer you won’t have as much fun….ooohhh, better drink the beer then! Of course the advert also has the ‘drink responsibly’ logo at the edge of the screen…..oooh yes, only one beer then. But does one beer get me the fun times? It doesn’t feel like it when I drink it. So on to something else to get the good times feeling.

Of course no THING can give you that good time feeling. You just have to ditch the programming and realise that you can have that feeling always, as a constant. Not easy, but awareness of yourself and your thoughts and reactions does help.

And when you can achieve that constant, you will quite naturally look for the higher feeling, and keep climbing that ladder towards such a high that nothing IN THIS WORLD could ever replicate.

Because we humans do that. We evolve. Well now it is time for us to evolve away from the old ways of reward and punishment and KNOW that we are meant to, and so are ALLOWED to feel good all the time! No guilt needed, no judgement, no fear. What is there to fear in joy? Yet I bet, if you start being aware, you DO fear joy.

Look deep.

Being positive is not enough. We need to reprogram our whole approach to life. Step by step, little by little, generation by generation.

Evolve contains the word LOVE.

Just LOVE.

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