People have been having Oracle readings, using Seers, and having divinatory readings for centuries. These areas have long been cloaked in mystery and suspicion, for so many reasons that I don’t feel the need to list them here!

I believe we all have within us the ability to ask a question and receive an answer. For many this skill seems lost, but it is only hidden beneath belief systems, and can be accessed more easily than you think. Cards, Runes, Stones, Trees, Animals, Tea Leaves….all of these and many more, are merely tools to reach that part of ourself that has the answers.

I use cards, mixed with some channeling to bring guidance to you. Most readings are conducted through Email, and sent to you as a full colour PDF document, so that the card images can be of help to you as well as my interpretations. You can however book a one on one session for a reading over Skype.

I offer many different readings. If you cannot find what you are looking for CONTACT me for a custom reading.