Powerful Pre Equinox Meditation!

Last nights meditation was again very powerful, and at the same time very peaceful.Universe-sm1

I didn’t write it then and there so I am writing now what I remember. The gist of it is that I was shown, through feeling how we are all connected, and then also shown, what I felt was the birth of my soul. I will try and explain!

I began by feeling I was floating in water which led to an urge to dive in and out of the water, swimming, twisting turning, with joy and freedom. I felt very dolphin like. Then raindrops came down. Now first let me say that this water, and raindrops were not water that we think of, they were more like some sort of celestial liquid that acted and felt and sounded like water, but I knew was not.

I was suddenly a raindrop, and then two, and then three, and I kept expanding until I could feel myself as every single raindrop in a shower of rain, bouncing off the water I had been swimming in, merging into that flow of water, and being the water too!

It took some time to really allow that feeling to emerge, I seemed to be scattered into too many places, but eventually my mind let go of the ‘how’ and my energy just became everything.

Once that happened I was suddenly a seed in the earth, yet also the earth. I shot a green shoot upwards, and saw lots of other seedlings, that I was also. Then I blossomed and flowered and cast seed, and I was all of those too.

Then a vast blue God, who I immediately thought of as Osiris, bulging muscles, Egyptian type makeup on his eyes, bare chested, came and swept me all up back into one. Then I was laying, a babe, between him and a vast blue Goddess (Isis?) Neither looked fully human, although I did, except I was blue. I kept seeing the scene from the outside, and then being the child, and when I was the child I felt SO much love, so nurtured, so secure and at peace. I felt that this was it, this was my first incarnation as an intelligent life form.

After awhile the vision changed and I was swimming in liquid silver. I stood up and I again had this two fold vision of seeing myself, yet being myself at the same time. I was dripping with silver, was made of flowing silver, standing in a sea of silver. Osiris was to my right and Isis to my left and they were vast. Osiris put his hand above my head and it began to rain silver and starry type substance in droplets down onto me. I sort of melted back down into the sea and then got the dolphin feeling again and shot out, but this time I was flying. I was golden, a dragon, yet also a human. I was ecstatic with this new found freedom, and always at either side of me, as if encompassing my world were my two vast parents.

Eventually I flew back to land and became more human, although a still had a long tail with a fork at the end. Suddenly, before me stood a golden man, similarly dragon like. He smiled at me and my heart seemed to explode into so many pieces of golden energy!

And then I came back. I think, once more, the time was not quite right to explore that other that I met.

However this morning, I drew from my Isis deck, a card about healing the Divine Masculine. I think tonight I must go back to this place and see if this man reappears!

Since then I have felt so peaceful, happy, and energised all at once. I feel complete trust in all that is happening around me, and I can feel my blue parents at my side! I feel like I was not only shown how we are all one, but I was also taken a part and put back together again, in a different form. Perhaps I experienced some sort of rebirth, rather than being shown my soul’s original birth, although it did feel like I Was remembering something from a long way back. Who knows?!

Right now I am just very happy with my world!


That was supposed to be the end, but something made me look up blue gods and goddesses on Google. I came across this which fits so neatly with my vision!


‘Excerpts from http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/Krishna :”Krishna’s body is the colour of a enchantingly beautiful dark raincloud. The philosophical backdrop for Krishna’s dark blue skin is that Vishnu, who is ultimately incarnated as Krishna, is also known as Narayana. Narayana means “born of water.” This is because water, seen as the base principle for life as we know it on earth, the nourisher of plants and animals alike, the very substance of cyclic existence, is essential to preservation. Vishnu, who in avatar form comes down to earth to help preserve dharma, is epitomised by the principle of water, being himself the God of Preservation. As water is commonly seen as being blue, and Vishnu is said to sleep in Yoga Nidra, floating on cosmic waters on Shesha (a snake-god), it is only natural that Vishnu’s representations are all blue. By syllogism, it transferred to his great avatar, Krishna”

My god and goddess were a mixture of that dark blue and a sort of sky blue, but quite deep in colour. I was the deep sky blue colour as a baby. Thinking about it now the ‘makeup’ on the God could also have been like the type portrayed on Hindu deities. I like that Krishna was also Narayana. I started writing a novel years ago now who’s heroine was Karayana. I have since used this name as an alias on many websites! Deeper and deeper the synchronicities, and understandings take us!

Of course I could just cut all of the human ways of understanding these blue beings over the years and go to what I have been told on numerous occasions….I come from Sirius. Seems its true!


Kirsten Ivatts


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