A Poem for National Poetry Day.

A Poem for National Poetry Day.

I wrote this poem in County Mayo in Ireland back in 2007. I was feeling lost in my life, and I set out walking up the hills overlooking the Sea, thinking of my Ancestors who came from Ireland. I was given a message that day from the land herself, dear Eriu, that spoke to my soul with love and support. It was a moment that shifted my life on to a new track. Here is the poem, a tipping of my cap to National Poetry Day, and the theme of messages. It is also in memory of my Uncle Paddy. Today was his birthday.


Finding Home.


I was given a treasure,

Not in the usual way

Of the usual kind,

But treasure none the less.

My face damp

From walking through clouds

Hardly noticed the tears

That gratitude brought forth.

As I bent to pick it out

Peat encrusted yet priceless

The west wind

Sent Atlantic caresses

Singing joyous gusts

And I held it close.

Its faces were hard and many

Its skin held the warmth

Of Eriu’s touch.

It’s crystalline whiteness

Whispered purity

Awakening within me

Memories so deep

That I could not bring forth

The images, and yet

My soul sang in remembrance

Of a time when my blood

Stood on this mountain

Gazing over the grey sea


I closed my fingers

Around the stone of my home

Around the bone

Of an ancestor

Who will ever be with me

Wherever I travel

Carried in every fibre

Bringing warmth to cold places.

To forget now is impossible.

I am forever smiling.

Kirsten Ivatts 2007

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