It’s a funny thing, but we are so immersed into our culture of boundaries, controls, of being a certain type of person to fit in, that we can completely lose track of who we are. And when we find ourselves once more, which let’s face it, can be a long hard slog, we get to a crunch point.


It can often seem like to daring a thin to do, too much of a risk. In fact we think we risk losing everything. In reality we lost the most important thing a long time ago, and the only thing left to do is bring it back into our lives so we can live more fully and more completely. This of course brings happiness knocking at out=r door once more.

But here is the funny thing. Most people won’t do this, won’t show the world who they really are, even after all those years of struggling to refind themselves. They stay hidden because it is what they are used to doing. Society also doesn’t allow such radical moves without first gaining permission from someone in authority. Why? Because that is the structure we live in, full of rules, boundaries, controls so that there is no chance of someone upsetting the apple cart. We have it inbred from day one that we need permission for radical change. And what gets more radical than showing the world that you are not the person you have been for the last (fill in the years!). You are in fact someone else entirely, with different opinions, different things that make you happy and different dreams, some of which most people would find crazy or impossible!

But would they? Or are they just like you. Are they wondering how to grant themselves permission to just be who they are on the inside?

Well I am taking the problem away today! I am granting YOU permission to come out from behind the shadow you have created and to stand in the light for the first time ever. I am also telling you that if you only want to let yourself come out for a minute, before returning to safety, then that’s OK, but promise me this. Tomorrow it will be two minutes, and then the next day three. Who knows, by the weekend it may be an hour!

Don’t give up on you, because you are the only one that counts. Today KNOW that the rules have changed to allow you the PERMISSION you need to drop the pretence and just be you.

Now Pass it on! Give permission to others too! See what a difference you can make, not only to your life, but to that of others!


Kirsten Ivatts.

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