The Oracle

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When I was in my early 20’s I bought an Oracle Card deck called The Celtic Tree Oracle By Liz and Colin Murray. This card deck changed my life.

I developed a passion for nature spirituality that led me to Druidry, and then out the other side. It opened up the Oracle within me, bringing her to the surface. I had always been told I was clairsentient, and I was an Empath, but didn’t know what that was back then, but this deck taught me wisdom, seemingly from an outside source. It became a passion that hasn’t died. I had found my Guru.

Over the years I was drawn to new decks. Some were Tarot, some were Oracle cards. I also dabbled with Rune Stones, Ogham, and more recently, The Genius Symbols. I have found my body can tell me much about the people I tune into. I get channelled messages too.

Each new deck, or skill has brought new learning. I have delved deep to gain new heights, always feeling like I am climbing the next rung on the ladder. I learnt that I could REVEAL WHAT IS HIDDEN.

From The Sacred Rebels Oracle By Alana Fairchild


Helping Others.

In 2011 I decided it was time to offer my skill to others. I opened a Facebook Page called Indigo Readings, which offers readings and words of wisdom. This began a whole new journey for me that opened up other aspects. The Healer, Trainer and Artist all became more relevant and grew in their own way from this sharing of who I was.

The Oracle in me was a catalyst of change and she still is my greatest teacher.

I eventually came to the understanding that this information that I was receiving through the cards was not from some greater being outside of me. It was coming from within. My Oracle was connecting to what many call the Akash, a great library of energy data holding all that has ever been and ever will be for every soul.

What Do I Offer?

My Oracle offers you the chance to see into YOUR Soul and to connect with yourself in new ways. She reveals what is hidden. I offer numerous different reading spreads, or I can develop a spread just for you and your questions. Readings can be done via a full colour PDF report sent to your email address, or in person on Skype. Some of the spreads are for specific card decks, and others allow you a choice. If you book a reading I will send you a list of choices.

I have decks that tap into the energies of plants, animals, Isis, Kuan Yin, Rumi, Love, Earth Energies, Unicorns, Angels and many, many more.

Readings are a good first step on the road to healing. They show you where or what needs help and bring new understanding and wisdom. I offer readings as Guidance. I do not predict the future. Here’s why. Everyone has free will. Every Soul has many different pathways to choose from going forwards, and the choice is not mine to make. By predicting the future I rob you of your own personal power.

ALL of my work is about empowering you to be more of who you are. I  offer you guidance, but the path forward is up to you. I can, however be around to walk beside you and offer support along the way.

Readings can be found in the MARKET.