Online Oracle Card Reading Course

Online Oracle Card Reading Course


The Next Course Runs from the 10th October 2016

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There are many Oracle and Tarot Card Reading Courses available all ready, and writing a new one was a bit of a leap of faith for me. Yet I could see so many holes in what was being taught in other courses, and I wanted my course to fill those gaps for beginners and for people who regularly do readings for themselves and others.

As an Energist I have skills and understandings that can enhance your Oracle and Tarot Card practice. In fact the skills in this course can be used in any method of divination or self development come to that. And if all you want is an understanding of how to really tune into your intuition and learn to trust it, every time, then this course is for you too.

The great thing about offering the course in a private Facebook group is that people can come in and out as their lifestyle and time zones allow. There are four exercises, which really could all be done in one day, or four days, but the four week method allows lots of time for practice and support from me. It also allows you to go on holiday and carry on when you return!

For the first four days I upload a new pdf exercise which you can then download and keep. This means that if you want to do this in four days you can. I love the flexibility!! Everyone then posts their experiences with the exercise to the group. Discussions can be held, support can be given, and fun can be had by sharing in this way.

Two bonus pdfs will also be added at the end of the course, one on card reversals, and one on numbers, again for you to download and keep.

Some people find life gets in the way and they don’t get to finish the course in the time scale. By downloading all the pdfs as they become available you can finish the course in your own time.


What Can I Expect To Learn?


The first exercise is perhaps the most important. Learning to find, contact, connect with and merge with your intuitive self is the essence of divination in any form. In this exercise I offer you ways to do this, and help your release the blocks that may be standing in your way. Once you have met the aspect of your self that has her/his intuition fully switched on, you can connect with them at anytime, in any circumstance that life throws at you.

Exercise two is about exercising the TRUST muscle. This really does get better with practice, but often having the support of others makes it possible for you to take the ‘leap of faith’! You will learn how to use your Intuitive Self to support you too, and make those inner nudges strong enough to go with what comes up. This exercise uses a card deck of your choice, but guide books are not allowed!

Connecting to others is the topic covered in Exercise Three.

Energy is not governed by time, space or distance. In the energy world all things are accessible. This means that connecting to anyone, anywhere is possible.’ ~Kirsten Ivatts

This exercise teaches you ways to connect to other people, but also brings in the previous two exercises for extra practice. You will draw a card for me! This freaks many people out and shows whether exercise two needs redoing!

The last exercise brings us all together and you are asked to do a reading for someone in the group. You can share the reading privately with that person if you so wish. The reading will be one card only. This exercise is designed to bring you the confidence to read for others, that you do not know. It can help you set up your own card reading business.

There is also a pdf on reversed cards, when they are important, what to do about them, and how they can add to a reading.

And lastly Interpretation hints and tips, showing how symbols, colours, numbers and your own feelings can tell you an awful lot about the message of a card.


This course is meant to be FUN! Learning is so much easier that way. Any time you are stuck I am on hand to answer questions or help with solutions. You can contact me privately too if you have come across something personal.

I know you will get a lot from this course, and I want to thank you for purchasing it. Please share this intro with anyone who you think may be interested!


Kirsten Ivatts


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