One of Those Days!

Yesterday was one of those days!

I have decided to sell my car as I hardly ever use it. Because I haven’t driven it in a while I decided to go put fuel in and take it for a drive as the brakes tend to bind on. The car battery was completely dead, even the central locking didn’t work. The battery is new, so I rang the garage who had to come out and collect it. It’s still there.

Next I went to walk the dog and pulled out the pushchair for my toddler. I had two flat tyres!! Both were promptly mended, but one went down again straight away. Before I had time to fix it I got a call from school. My twelve year old son had had an accident with another boys head while playing football, and had a suspected fractured cheek bone!!!

Of course instant panic. I had no car and the nearest A & E is 20 miles away. I don’t live near family and haven’t lived here long enough to know anyone to ask to take me. The school brought Oliver home for me, and I rang my poor partner at work and had him rearrange his day so he could work from home. Luckily it was possible!

I raided my homeopathy box for the Arnica, something that is a must in a house full of kids! When Oliver arrived back I surveyed the damage having had to reassure the school first aider that I would find a way to get him too A & E. He had no concussion or dizziness. I gave him the Arnica and sat him down. His cheek was huge, but had gone down a bit apparently from when he first did it and the bruising was coming out. It would be an hour until Phil returned with the car, and in that hour the Arnica began to help. By the time Phil walked in I was beginning to wonder if hospital was the best plan. My inner voice was nagging at me that this was just a nasty bang on a bone. The swelling had reduced a lot, and the bruising was coming out nicely. But I ignored my inner voice and took my child, dutifully to A & E. The trip cost me around £20 with parking, and we were gone for four hours. The cheek bone isn’t fractured, just badly bruised! Why didn’t I listen? Because I was bothered how others, the school, would think of me if I made the decision not to go! I was sure I had that little problem wrapped!

What I did find interesting though was the hospital itself. I avoid the British medical system when ever possible as it is not great any more. The receptionist at the hospital was lovely however and I thought this was a good sign. However the person that assessed my son was stony faced, terse and not exactly a confidence giver to a child who was a little nervous about his cheek! I sent her love and healing and we went back to sit in the waiting room for the doctor.

In the waiting room was an old woman in a wheel chair with her daughter. She was there when we arrived. Her pallor was very grey and she had her eyes closed. I felt an instant draw to her and asked Archangel Raphael to come to her. Then I sent her white light healing , drenching her in light. After a few minutes her colour had improved, her eyes had opened and she looked a little surprised. Not a totally wasted visit then!

Next we saw a doctor who was even less talkative than the assessor, didn’t smile, and who spoke in such a low voice it was hard to hear him. He just oozed depression! I was beginning to realise that the NHS is not somewhere for sick people to go if they want to be well anymore, it was something that is in need of drastic healing itself. There was not one smiley face in that hospital except for that receptionist, not one happy person. How can you make someone better if you are so down yourself that you are giving out such negatives?

The problem with the usual practice of medicine is a varied one. Long hours for doctors and nurses, too much paper work, not enough pay. I am not criticising anyone I saw yesterday. I felt immensely sorry for them. I sent out a lot of love and healing in that hospital but I think it bounced off them because they were all so blocked from receiving.

All I can say is I am very happy and relieved to know that the healing methods I have learnt and use offer people understanding, happiness and love. These are the fore runners to any healing. The healing begins on the inside and then progresses to the outside. This is the right way to heal anyone of anything.

Please, when you have a minute today, say a quick prayer for our medical systems and all who work in them. Instead of praying for happiness, pray for healing and enlightenment. The happiness will follow on once these occur.


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