One of Those Days

One of those days

Sometimes we all have ‘one of those days’.

They usually start with tripping over as you get up, or breaking a cup, or some such thing. Then not long after something else happens, and you think…oh no…its going to be one of those days!

And of course the day progresses with more, seemingly, calamitous things happening.

We put these days down to lack of sleep, illness, stress or just bad luck. Sometimes we look for other things to blame it on like Mercury Retrograde, the influence of the stars, solar storms, or the numerology of todays date. We pass the buck.

My message today is…stop passing the BUCK!

Days like this often hold some vital information for us to help our personal growth. Next time you get a day like this I want you to grab a pen and paper and write down things like

How you are feeling – in other words strong emotional reactions before something happens, or particular trains of thought.

Common feelings, thoughts or reactions while experiencing these occurrences. Look out for who or what you are blaming things on!

What you wish you had done, with hind sight to avoid the calamity!


All of these things can offer clues as to what message is being sent to you or what your higher self is attempting to teach you. By just being aware, instead of being caught in the stress of the moment, you can start to change things around, instead of manifesting worse and worse situations for yourself!

You can also ask for messages to come in a less annoying or even painful fashion! By doing that you acknowledge that you are listening. Of course then you DO need to listen out for repeated thoughts, feelings, words, songs…anything that might give you a clue as to what you could be getting from this day that is beneficial.

So next time you have ‘One of those days’, don’t let it get you down. Quite the opposite, let it light you up with excitement. Say out loud,

‘YAY! Its one of those days! How can this benefit me?’

Then breathe deeply, pick up your notebook and pen, put on your detective hat, and enjoy your day!

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