On Being An Empath – An Enlightened Approach

On Being An Empath – An Enlightened Approach

Me by Silvia
Kirsten Ivatts By Silvia Hartmann


I am an Empath. Life has been hard at times.

If you are reading this you are probably an Empath too and know what I mean. You probably hate supermarkets and other places where people gather and scatter their energy around without understanding what the consequences are to their fellow humans, especially the Empathic ones! I expect you also run and hide at the thought of meeting up with anyone with negative energy or illness, and you will have definitely experienced an energy vampire!

And you will draw your energy in. Slam up those shields, in whatever way you have learned.

There are many.


You probably wear crystals and use essential oils, not because of their beauty or their scent, as much as because they offer you another vital level of protection against the rest of the world.

As I said, life is hard at times, for an Empath.

So why are some of us so damn sensitive to others? Well, whether you like it or not, that sensitivity is a GIFT! It shows a well developed Soul, who can tune into the energy of others and read it through feeling. Empaths make great healers. The problem is, most Empaths also absorb that energy of others, and find they are carrying negativity or illness that isn’t their own. No one wants that and it sure doesn’t help with any healing to have the healer on her knees begging for mercy and then in bed for two days after! Been there done that!

But there is no denying that there is a reason for Empaths. The world is changing. The world is EVOLVING into a whole new, lighter and brighter place to live and create. Some people have recognised this and are actively working towards evolving themselves, and others just haven’t acknowledged it yet, although I am pretty sure that on a Soul level everyone knows.

So here is the current scenario. We have a whole bunch of super talented people who can help so many, in so many ways, and were probably born with a GIFT because they are supposed to be using it to help this planet and all her inhabitants, evolve. But these people pull all their energy inwards, away from the horrors of the world, and then, shut themselves off in attempt to feel nothing at all!

What a waste of a Gift.

I have found another way. Not only is it healthier for the Empath, and her relationships with others, but it’s a boon for the world in general! And when you read what I do you are going to decide that I cannot possibly be as Empathic as you are, because what I say will go against everything that you have ever been told and you just KNOW it is going to hurt you in some way.

But…that isn’t true.

Let’s take a step back and look at the world, say ten years ago. Everything we knew about being an Empath, or having any other unexplainable to Science, type of skill, was still coming from a world that had a fear base.

So….Empaths were warned to find ways to shield themselves, because of all the bad things that could happen to them. And of course they had experienced some of these things so they KNEW this was a good idea. Empaths clubbed together and shared ways to help one another. But what they never did was find ways to share their GIFT with the world. And so a hell of a lot of Empaths became introverts, and were left wondering what their life purpose actually was.

Well I hate to tell you…..but your life purpose is the GIFT that is staring you in the face!

The fact is that most Empathic people do not understand the energy body and how it works. They do not understand the positives of being an Empath, they were never told or taught how to GAIN from their skill, instead of hiding from it.

Most Empaths have no idea what the SUE Scale is. The SUE scale measures energy body stress, and can help you gauge where you, or someone else, is on this scale so you know what to do to feel better.


Most Empaths don’t realise that it is them that are worsening their situation, by pulling in their energy and hiding behind shields. This helps people get far CLOSER to them energetically. Drawing in….just visualise that. See?

I have no shields. People always comment on my very open, loving energy. I no longer hide who I am. I embrace all of my gifts whether I am judged for them or not. Someone else’s opinion cannot harm me unless I allow it. I have become strong, empowered, and the Source of this empowerment is myself. No one else’s energy affects my own, unless I allow it. Yet I can feel how that person is, and know what to do or say to help them. I have very strong boundaries, but these are a symptom of my power rather than something I have to think about.

My light shines very brightly. I still prefer the quiet of nature and her soothing energy to that of towns and cities, but I can cope with towns and cities, and supermarkets and parties, and everything else. I can go out and approach people. I know what to do when I feel someone with negative energy, or an energy vampire. I am not drained by them and I do not take on their energy. I just shine more brightly. On an energy level this pushes someone further from me, while making them feel more welcomed, loved, helped and supported.

Do you see?

Hiding your light from the world, draws the world closer. Shining as brightly as you can, not only acts as a natural boundary (not a shield), but it makes you and everyone who comes into contact with you feel better too.

Shine out, don’t draw in!

shine your light


If you would like help to learn just how to do this I can work with you over Skype, in person, as a 1 on 1, or in a workshop with others.

I can teach you how to be a true Empath and know how wonderful that feels. It is effortless. Energy is never wasted on protection. It is inspiring, uplifting, energising!

To find out more contact me.

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Kirsten Ivatts


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