Manifesting the right way.

The other day my son asked me this question,
‘Mum, why is it that when I think positively things don’t happen but when I think, ‘We won’t win our football game today,’ we always do?’

Luckily I had an answer because I had been pondering this a few days ago. When I was a kid if I wanted something to happen I knew that by telling myself it would never happen it then would happen. This worked! I used to shape my reality constantly as a child, but by holding on to a positive I knew I would fail. But how can this be? We are constantly being told to hold on to those positives and clear our minds of the negatives. We are told to visualise what we want to manifest it into our lives.

Hands up who out there is frantically visualising a new house, more money, a new job or a soul mate? I bet there are quite a few! Now hands up who has been doing this for some time now with no result? Most of those hands are, I expect still up in the air waving madly! So where are we going wrong? Here is a message from a guide of mine on this subject.

‘My friend this is what I say. When you decided as a child that you, let’s say, wanted a bike, and decided that if you hoped for a bike it wouldn’t happen what did you actually believe? What did you actually feel inside? Now when you decided there was no way you would get a bike, what did you feel then, what did you believe then? I will tell you. When you decide to be positive you set yourself up for a fall, because inside you do not believe in this positiveness. You think it is better to expect the worst so as not having to deal with pain. When you decided, as a child, to believe you wouldn’t get the bike, you actually relaxed, and deep inside believed that this would make the bike a possibility. You were not setting yourself up for pain because if it happened it did, if not you had already told yourself it wouldn’t happen anyway. You let go of the want and let it be. You relaxed your hold, you let yourself be free of stress and force.

Now when you people try to manifest you do it with force. You put your selves under stress. Others tell you this is possible so if it doesn’t work for you, then you must be at fault. This gives more stress to your energy system and all this stress makes you believe deep down that you are not good at this, not worthy of this and that in reality it won’t happen. Even if you cannot put voice to these thoughts you can feel these things in your body. You, my friend, feel it in your solar plexus region, others may feel it in other places, but it is there for all to feel. The secret is in what you DID as a child when deciding that to get something you had to tell your self it would never happen. This is a classic conundrum. You believe that your mind is in charge, your mind is all powerful but in fact your mind cannot work this way, all on its own. People forget to listen to their body and what it is telling them. People ignore the little feelings in their systems that are in fact the negative energy taking hold. They think they can think them out of existence. This is quite impossible and quite funny! You cannot think energy out of existence by ignoring it and forcing yourself to look the other way. Instead you must focus on that energy, understand it is there and why, and then use techniques that will ease the negative away until it disappears entirely.

So as a child when deciding to think you wouldn’t get a bike, you actually deep down believed that you would. This made you relax, let go of thoughts of failure, let go of how you would get the bike. You were sure it would happen in some way. This is a prime example that the mind is not in control when manifesting your desires but the energy body and emotions. If you cannot feel that you will get this thing inside, you will not get it no matter how much you force the mind into being positive.

So the answer to how you manifest your reality is simple. You start at the beginning, the inside. You begin by finding a way that you can believe this in your heart. For some this is difficult because of the events in their lives. For others it is simple. Some people may have much work to do on their belief systems before this can be possible. But this does not have to be hard or even painful. You, Kirsten, are learning ways to help people do this, more each day. You are learning to relax and see that life is far simpler than you all make it. And the simplest thing to know is that the stress obtained by forcing your mind in a direction that is opposite to your energy system will never work. Only when they can work together to restore the balance can they then work together to create change for the better. For many this sounds like a big task to contemplate. These people must be reassured. This task is not too big, it is something that is possible to all. Let each system work in harmony to bring harmony into your lives.’

My suggestion would be to sit back and bring up your dream that you are trying so hard to manifest. When you think of it happening what do you actually feel in your own body? Tune into this feeling, follow it and see if you can disperse it. If not I may be able to help!


2 thoughts on “Manifesting the right way.

  1. Thank you for this. I am struggling with all of this right now. We have sold our house and are madly searching for something. We know what we want but it feels like everything is just going in circles and going no where. Stress is high and getting higher; fear is rising – what a mess.

    1. Hi Jette,

      I have been in that situation before and it is awful! The trouble is the stress heightens the fear and then you don’t know which way is up! Try this video. Do it each day and every time you feel really stressed! It should help.

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