Manifestation – Game On!

There’s a lot of talk these days about manifesting what you want and many people who will allegedly help you to do it, yet there are many, many people still out there who feel they are a failure because they have tried all the ways they can find to manifest what they want and it just hasn’t happened. In fact in some cases the situation has worsened.

No matter what you read there is not just ONE PROVEN WAY to manifest what you need in your life, there are multiples of threads that weave together to make this happen and some hard work on your part too.

I can say, hand on heart, that I have partially manifested what I need, enough finances to free us from debt and give us savings to boot. We now feel as if we have a future. And the manifestation happened in a way that I hadn’t thought of, was not prepared for, and didn’t include me working my butt off either.

For everyone of us it is different for we are all unique. I can only help you by telling you what I did…and it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t quick. Yet, for you, it may be both, you may be a faster learner than me!

Firstly I will say that I went to hell and back over finances, not visibly, but on the inside. I witnessed the pain of those around me, which intensified my own hurt and pain, I begged for help from guides, Angels, did multiple card readings, got the same old answers, got frustrated, angry, decided I was crap at everything, including doing my readings and very nearly gave up. It took about three years for me to ‘learn the hard way’.

Here is what I tried:

Tapping (EFT)

Pleading with guides, angels etc

Giving up hope

Putting on false pretence of happiness to try to fool the Universe…

Paying for readings with others (same results I was getting)


Now here is a list of what I tried that gradually started to make a difference and got me to the stage where manifestation COULD Happen.

Emotrance…noticing where I was feeling the problem of my finances EVERY TIME I had a problem, so full body awareness, and then shifting that energy away. When it came back I shifted it again, and again and again.

Dropping the frustration and anger at the Universe and starting with a fresh approach of ACTUALLY LISTENING  to the messages I was sent and not trying to read more into them than was there. I kept it simple, listened to the words and took them at face value.

Taking ACTION on the words. This is hard work and again takes full awareness of where your thoughts and emotions take you. You have to retrain yourself, Re program your brain and your emotional responses. But it works.

Practising Gratitude, not just once or twice a day, but ALL the time. I thanked everyone and everything, including myself, when anything, even the tiniest bit positive happened. Or when I learnt a lesson, or had an AHA moment. Doing this starts to help you see just how many positives are in your life. You go from seeing your life as shit to seeing it as, not too bad, to realising that it is really quite magical and wonderful, even IF there is a financial problem looming over it all. At the end of the day there was a way of putting it right, I just needed the courage to do it.

So I got to a point where I looked at Bankruptcy…scared the shit out of me, but I used my new found skills to look at it without the emotion and to see that I would be fine, nothing would change in my life EXCEPT I would be FREE from the debt. Yes it would be an uncomfortable process, but I would deal with it. But I had niggles. My other dreams that are still in the manifesting pot would fall flat if I went bankrupt. These other dreams kept me procrastinating. Then other options began appearing for me to consider…and eventually I plucked up the courage to ask my guides if I should go bankrupt, or take one of these other options. The answer was a resounding NO. Of course I thought that was just me. But I kept getting the abundance card, kept getting NO when I asked and in the end got a channelled reading that told me to hold on, the money was coming to clear all my debt, and in the mean time I would have enough each month to pay the payments without causing a problem.

And that is exactly what happened. It was quite magical how the money just appeared each month, or when I needed food money, the shopping bill was somehow less than it should have been or more money came in. Yes it was tough, belts were greatly tightened, but we survived and didn’t go hungry. We learnt to eat more healthily, stop drinking so much. We don’t do holidays or going out anyway…although that may change now!

And then one day I got a phone call. I’ll say no more than that as it is a private family matter as to how the money appeared, but suffice it to say I was gobsmacked. No one knew our situation was so dire, so it wasn’t someone helping us out. The money arrived, enough to clear all the debt and some, and there are no strings attached.

When it gradually sunk in and I looked back over all the struggles and all the work I had done I realised how much I had changed. I had managed to literally turn my way of thinking and being around. I had learned to love and trust myself, as well as the Universe, I had learned to be grateful for so much and see all the positives I had, not compared to others, but just as they were. Positives in my life. I had learned to LISTEN and not overcomplicate the messages I received by thinking around them. I had learned to relax, let the stress go, to say ‘What will be will be,’ and not only mean it, but also BELIEVE that it will be perfect!

So manifesting what you need IS possible, but it isn’t easy. It takes time, commitment and focus. It takes being aware of YOU, getting to know YOU on a level you never plunged into before, understanding how you work and where you need to change, and forgiving yourself in the process. It takes love, faith, trust, joy….but no pretence. You cannot pretend these things. And most of all it takes active surrender. You have to actively let go of the parts of you that get in the way, make matters worse, or the areas of your life, or the people around you, or the way that you think. ACTION is needed in other ways too. You need to take steps because if all you do is think about it you will never get to the right place, the right space, the right time to allow what you are trying to manifest to happen.

And it takes courage. There is fear at first, and even when you think you have beaten fear it will come back and bite you. But you learn how to respond, how to combat that fear, how fear is in fact no longer needed, it is a trained response that stops us seeing what we need to do…other than run the other way that is!

Think of it this way. You have a treasure map. There is supposed to be an X to show you where the treasure is, but it is missing. Do you sit and stare at the map and wish you could see the X or do you start walking and looking and learning from all the clues that you come across, where it might be?

Until you do the work, mainly on YOU, what you so badly want will always be hidden. It’s time to pull on those hiking boots! But remember, don’t walk along with your head in the clouds. NOTICE everything, inside and out. THAT IS THE KEY! And when you have noticed, understood that something is wrong, or needs to change…ACT.

The Universe has a simple safety mechanism. You can’t get what you want until you are in a position physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for it to enhance your life. Otherwise you might get what you want and miss it completely, or not know what to do with it.

So it’s up to you. Are you willing to do what needs doing? Are you willing to put in the hours? Are you willing to be fully aware of who you are good and bad, and to love yourself anyway? Are you willing to drop judgement, fight stress, see the positives, offer forgiveness, be grateful for the smallest things, and to do it all blindfold, not knowing what direction you will be taking or where it will lead you? Are you willing to TRUST?

Only then will your manifesting begin to unfold.


Kirsten Ivatts.

2 thoughts on “Manifestation – Game On!

  1. I love your posts:) They usually have a lesson for me and I thank you.
    I had a log home, land – I was surrounded by nature, all that I have ever asked for but I only felt anger, negative and fear. I would dwell on all the negatives of the house, never look at any of the good things – like watching birds out my kitchen window or seeing a million stars on a clear cold night. I let the hate and anger wash through me every day; only felt that I was taken, too many things wrong with the house. The negativity grew, I developed an allergy to the logs and we had to sell, now I live in a small one bedroom apt. with no yard, no house, no birds but I realize, after reading your blog that I had received all I asked for but was not ready to be grateful, to appreciate all I had and now it is gone. I need to be grateful for where I am, not judgemental nor angry, just be. Of course, I bounce all this off my partner and he asked if your partner felt like you do, do we both have to be on the same page? I don’t think so, each his own path – any thoughts?

    Thank you for sharing, it means a lot to me:)


    1. Very interesting question. My answer is that my partner is probably about four pages back from where I am today, but he is getting there, in his own way.

      The thing is, although we both wanted the money it came to me. We are in a lovely and strong relationship so this will benefit us both, and has so already in that a massive weight has been lifted, and the cash spent paying off debts is now going to be used for savings, and for buying the normal things that we had to put on credit, like clothing, paying for cars to be taxed, and looked after, basically all things to benefit us and our kids. I see it this way. It came my way, because of where I am up to, yet the benefits he will get will bring him to the same place as me faster. It is happening already. A change in attitude, less stress…

      I think it can take longer when one person is further back. Mainly because as a couple you pick up on the emotions of each other. I found for a long time that my partners energy could be very heavy and would bring me down, no matter how hard I fought to stay afloat. I learnt to defend myself by loving me more, by forgiving me, by not being scared to just be happy, if that was how I felt, by not feeling guilty for sharing his emotional load. This in turn helped lift him.

      It all takes time, it takes patience, focus and hard work, But it IS worthwhile.

      I wish you well. Don’t stop pursuing your dreams. YOU WILL GET THERE. 🙂

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